Work + No Excuses

Everyday isn't a thrill. Everyday isn't a dud. Yet, everyday is a chance to improve. Work doesn't necessarily mean going to the office and staring at a computer screen for 8 hours, it's more so the process of proving the importance of you to the world. We all have a reason for our reasons. 
Let your reason be something to be proud of.

*Sidebar: How dope is my watch!


No Excuses

"Let's not blame others for our bad decisions 
and let's not hold others responsible for our poor judgement."

Every day we have a choice to be better, everyday we have a chance to do something new, everyday we can make a change in ourselves. 
Don't make excuses why you can't, make lasting experiences while you can! 

Everyday I make it a point to improve.
Improve my vocabulary. 
Improve my business sense.
Improve my sensitivity.
Improve my support.
Improve my work ethics.
Improve my communication. 
Improve my listening.

The list can go on......because I am NOT perfect.

I accept my imperfections but, I also accept that some of those imperfections can be polished.

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