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I could not begin to tell you anything about this's a black dress paired with a stripped blazer.
I do not recall where I got anything of these items from.  Sorry.



Do you ever hear people say this about themselves? 
There's nothing wrong with enjoying personal time by yourself, but if that is the only time you experience happiness...well, that kind of raises red flags, no?  Let's think on this, it is natural to interact with one another.  Sometimes we feed off people energies and words of advice or criticism from those we associate with, but for someone to claim they rather have little to no association with the outside world can be categorized as 'peculiar'.  As in, not what's wrong with the world...because we all know the world is ahem...f**ked up!...but, what's wrong with YOU that you cannot find enjoyment in being around people or why is it that people do not want to be acquainted with you?  

Now, I know some people are shy and socially awkward but, why would one not want to part take in the vast diversity the world offers when it comes to us crazy humans?  I enjoy my me time but, I also love catching up with friends and meeting new people, and many of my good friends are NOTHING like me, that is the beauty of it.  So all you "loners" need to get out and make some friends!  Otherwise you become this dark, meager, lack-luster person who people worry about or stray away from...we don't want that now do we? 

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