Share The Sun, Fun, and FOOD!

What I wore:  The dress is from Foreign Exchange. It has a low cut out back so to be appropriate to where I was going, I threw on a light button shirt from Forever21. The accessories are also from Forever21 EXCEPT the necklace, that is from Target! Beautiful huh?

What I did: The Ms. Independent MeetUp group I am a part of did a Cuisine Crawl. 
We flavored dishes from 3 different restaurants in Houston and had mini pies from a local bakery. The first stop was Haven, a very upscale shindig. Some of the ladies and I could not get over the dinner rolls sprinkled with sea salt.  The second place was called Saint Genevieve, another upscale place that has amazing mac and cheese with bacon! The last restaurant stop was a Thai place, Vieng Thai (Google+)! I was ecstatic! As soon as we walked in the food was already on the table waiting for us...pad Thai , fried catfish (in a spicy sauce), white rice, fried rice, spring rolls, and a chicken curry. YUM!

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