Summer + Books

Gold Sandals: Kohl's 
Bracelets: Sam Moon
Sunglasses: Urban Izzy 
Bag: Dooney & Burke

Hello, my darlings! I hope your weekend was well! The family and I enjoyed the sun this weekend and went to Barnes & Noble to pick up some summer reading. The kids are officially out of school and their fun is just beginning. Me, on the other hand, I am flipping through summer ideas for my little ones...water parks, road trips, museums, Disney, etc.  So keep posted to see what adventures we take and what outfits I wear for each memory! 

Kiss kiss, 

-Raya L.  

My son and daughter picked out a few books to start their summer. (I could spend hours at Barnes & Noble just reading through pages and relaxing in the atmosphere.) Reading is a MAJOR deal for me and I want my kids to understand the importance of literature.

Decided to shoot some baskets on Sunday. Yeah, I wasn't really playing anyone considering, I still had my shades on, but it was good to get into some sneakers and run around. 


Anonymous said…
Very pretty dress.

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