Continuing to Shine + Toying with the Waiter

Yesterday my son and I enjoyed our day out, today I enjoyed lunch with some lovely friends.....

The girls and I met up at Batanga in downtown Houston.  Batanga is a Latina tapas restaurant that has great food and a beautiful patio.  Unfortunately,  we were unable to be seated outside, but we still had an amazing experience! (I think we were the loudest table, but hey, you can't tone down a good time!)

We had a waiter, Mike, and a server, Eric (I'm actually not sure why there were two of them, but both were personable and we enjoyed their personas.) Eric and Mike made sure we were comfortable and we even shared a few laughs with Eric, after asking him some personal relationship questions.  Sometimes, when the ladies and I are discussing the relationship dynamics, I like to ask a guy his opinion on certain topics. The responses are always interesting, especially since the man is caught off guard with a group of women looking at him expecting the "right" answers. Eric was a good sport, very sweet, and enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed him.

*Side note: We must have came at a not so great time (1:30pm) or the owner didn't prepare adequately, because Mike and Eric both told us some items on the menu were not available, BUT the ladies and I were there long enough (we didn't close out until 5:15pm)  for the kitchen to be restocked and able to offer the full menu again.

Left: Not sure since they brought out the wrong dish, but did not charge for the mistake. Middle: Albondigas Right: Chilaquilles

Top: Patatas Batanga (Perfectly seasoned and crisp.) Left: Pig ears (not something I would eat every day, but it wasn't bad.) Right: Calamari.

Outfit details:

Hat: DSW
Dress: Upscale Boutique


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