Birthday Goals

I will be turning 30 on May 23.  It is my understanding that 30 is a major birthday.  It is transitioning into TRUE adulthood and getting your life organized and in order, getting serious about relationships, stabilization, fiances, investments, and career goals.......yeah, OK.

One thing I do want to focus on is my fitness, I have been back and forth with my weight the last few years, but I want to get to a shape that I can be pleased with and...ehem...please with. *Wink*

I hide it well with my clothes, but I have that little muffin top that hangs over my pants...ew.  That area is my main target, other areas like my thighs are okay, but the cellulite and stretch marks need to go.  My arms also need not be so "chubbly".  I cannot do anything about my boobs, they are just small and I will not undergo plastic surgery.  Just give me a padded lifting bra and I will be just fine, besides, I have come across a few men who do not mind a small top as long as there is a handful of booty to grab....I fit that preference...(unless you have Shaq hands.)

So let's mark this moment right now as a signed affidavit that I am going to be fit and fierce by May 23.  I am traveling to visit my birthday twin who lives in another state.  I let her know that our weekend will be epic and I have plenty of fabulous outfits just sitting in the closet waiting to SHOW OUT!  I plan on showing much leg and some mid section.  AND I REFUSE to wear any body contouring sharpers underneath my outfits!

Let's have a moment of peace for my hearty appetite.....

Now, on with the goal!


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