1 + Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! How did you spend your day?
Mine started off with the sun shining in my window followed up by a morning massage appointment at Spa Envy with the ladies and some chocolates.....

It was my first professional 1 hour full body massage.....it was so good, I signed up for a membership. I got my hips realigned, my shoulders dropped, and my back clear of all the tension .  My body was so relaxed, calm, and easy-going...it was almost as if I was high.  (Don't judge.)  After my very well needed massage, I went home to get ready for the rest of the day....

I decided to wear white. I figured everyone would be wearing red or pink, but not all white.  I do not remember where I bought this dress, but it was perfect for today's weather and plans.  Then I helped the kids get ready.

Vanessa needed help fluffing her hair and Gabriel needed help buttoning his vest.

We headed out to Shogun Hibachi restaurant at Vintage Park Houston.  I ordered the filet mignon and salmon combination with fried rice, my daughter ordered the kids shrimp, and my son had a bowl of fried rice, but also ate off my plate.  The kids like this restaurant because of the "show" the cook puts on with fire and food effects. 

The kids really enjoyed having rice thrown at them.

We......I did some shopping after lunch and I got some new cute pieces.

Lastly, Daddy gave me some more chocolates. 

Hope you have enjoyed your day!


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