Baby Debo + Weights and Measures

I very much love "boyfriend" style clothing, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazers, boyfriend shirts, etc. I bought this dress at H&M.  Originally I thought it was just a cute shirt dress but, I was corrected and told it was boyfriend-style.  The difference is, a regular shirt dress is tapered at the waist area, this dress is not making it look more like a long shirt.  Either way, it is very comfortable and perfect for casual sunny days like today.

I wanted to get some nice snapshots of this dress but, my son did not want me to have my space.  See my struggle...  


Brunch With MsIndependent

Earlier in the day I went and had lunch with my social group at a new restaurant in Midtown Houston.  Weights and Measures opened in December 2014 and it is a combination of a restaurant, bakery, and bar; the decor and layout compliments the concept.  Also, right when you walk in, you can smell the freshly baked doughnuts, croissants, biscuits, rolls, and other goodness.  This is a great spot for casual gatherings.


Anna banana said…
I like your boyfriend-style dress! Cute and its my color!

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