BooHoo + Chemistry

I have about 5 dresses of this style in different colors from  They are my 'go-to' outfits when I cannot figure out anything to wear.  On sunny casual days I wear it as is. For special plans, I may put on some heals and a blazer of fitted sweater. 



I'm not sure who said this, it was not Nas, but he's ill enough that people would believe he said it (yeah, I think Nasir Jones is Dope.) If you think about the long standing relationships you know of, what are the key factors that keeps him with her or her with him? All the women who you see post 'body' pictures of themselves with suggestive captions, are they 'single'? I emphasis single because any gorgeous woman can be involved but not fully committed to the foundation of a relationship. Yet, let me not make my words seem definitive since every union is different and I am not speaking on behalf of every woman or relationship dynamic but, for the most part I've noticed many of the 'eye candy' have been in just as much relationship turmoil as those who aren't 'eye candy'.  A beautiful and curvy woman can be just as single as a plain Jane. 

Personality is a source to the heart.  Whether it be romance or platonic, the characteristics that define your personality is what people grasp and create memories with.

Physically, we like what we like (I am attracted to tall men who hit the gym at least twice a week, with a great smile, and clean shaven face) but, what we see isn't always enough to make us stay or keep us intrigued.  

Ladies, have you ever been asked, "You're so pretty, why are you single?"
Well. The simple answer from me is, "I'm not ready." Which thoroughly translates to, I am not in a place in my life where I can commit to someone's emotions other than my own and my children. This is not to say I will not enjoy someone's company. I will definitely carve space out of my life to learn someone who may have caught my interest but, I will not change my mind about being single overnight.

What's worth the significance is worth the time.

Until a woman is ready to step off her own pedestal and allow him to place her on his, she will continue to present herself as 'available for the taking.' That does not mean she will take every number or go home with every man she deems worthy, it just simply implies that she keeps her options open.


Lisa Maynard said…
You look gorgeous!! I just discovered Boohoo and love it!! Just posted a linkup wearing one of their dresses. Would love for you to join @

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