Class + Style

Dress: Upscale Boutique  Shoes: Jessica Simpson  Earrings: Sam Moon
If you have not noticed, I take pride in my appearance and how I present myself to the world.  If you look like a Lady, walk like a Lady, speak like a Lady, then guess what?  You will be treated like a Lady, more importantly, 'HE' will treat you like a Lady...(Another reference HERE)  

Class is not just an image, it is a behavior.  Any woman can be complimented on her beauty but, classy women are admired for their distinction. 


It's not just about attire, it is also your demeanor.

My coyness towards his warm embrace gave him a glimpse of my cautious heart.  His indiscreet glances at me without saying a word kept me curious about his quiet thoughts.  His debonair affections kept me in awe each second in his presence.  His connection to my spirit kept me lifted.
I do not really know this man and we could possibly never meet again but, he has shown me how much I can really enjoy being in the company of a true gentleman who is attentive to my comfort and security.  Although, in my true self, I did not make it easy for him at first to be next to me, calling him "decent" and being a bit nonchalant towards him; that faded.
Sometimes, just sometimes, you ignite with someone's smile and for a mere moment, time freezes and there are no worries with the world. You just breathe in their delightfulness, exchanging energies all the while saving that feeling in the depths of your soul.
Every moment in life we have choices and our actions follow....
I walked up to to the bar to order my drink, not really paying attention to his being. I could feel him looking but, I did not want to turn my head and have a socially awkward glance (I am still a bit shy in these types of occurrences.) I stayed mute because, "Sweetheart, when you dance with me, You sir, must take the lead." He did. 

If he never said a word to me as I waited for my order, he would have watched me walk away and the two of us could have missed a necessary beat in life.

I also had the pleasure of meeting his friends whom were just as pleasant to be acquainted with.  I cannot appreciate him and his colleagues enough for being Lords of Chivalry.  Any woman would be blessed to have one of these dashing gentleman standing at the end of the aisle waiting for her.

It might have been divine intervention that I met this man and his associates. As if God wanted me to see a different light that only He can guide me to; keeping me mindful that I am worth every bit of attention that is drawn to my growth and efforts in being a good, classy woman.  And not being seen as some pretty girl who has been tainted by life's lessons and needs the attention to feed her insecurities.  No darling, I evolved away from that.

I have yet to learn the purpose of this man in my life, because everything happens for a reason, no matter how minuscule one may think the reason is; there is purpose to everything.  He may be just an instrument to the construct of what I need embedded within my thoughts about being open to someone's spirit without being reluctant or presumptuous with the idea not needing love.  Or he could become a life long voice in connection to my continuous growth in this world.  Whatever purpose he holds, I accept it.

Some critics may say that I am romanticizing the whole experience because I do not truly know this man in his everyday environment, and that I am being naive to a temporary notion that may be just a fantasy.  Well, my response to that is "I. DON'T. CARE."  Even if this is all a figment of my imagination, I still want to forever save this memory and refer back to it anytime I feel that Man has lost all senses in the proper treatment towards a Lady.  So all you critics can see yourself off MY stage and exit left please, thank you.

....and to think, I was just going to stay in on Saturday.


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