Dear Future Husband.....

Dear Future Husband,

I promise to love you as you are throughout our progressive changes together.  I will travel every journey with you.  I will not allow what occurred before you to hinder my support for you. I will only challenge you to be greater. If you make mistakes, I will help you correct them.  If you are in pain, I will help you become stronger. Provide us stability and we will stay afloat even during rough currents.  Keep the communication open and we will never lose our friendship.  Give me your attention and receive my appreciation.  Show me to the world as your light and I will keep you from darkness.  Gaze at me with admiration and receive my nurture.  Continue to see beauty within me and never be without my affection.  Let us decide together our prosperity.  Let us heal one another from the madness that may torments us.  Let us compliment each other's spirit.  Let us share laughs and tears.  Let us educate one another with passion.  Let us grow wiser together.  Want me always, hold me consistently, miss me frequently, kiss me dearly, and love me forever.  I will be the *Nyx to your Chaos and we will create a universe of dynamic order.

Although, be mindful that if you hurt me, let me down, turn your back on me, stop making me laugh, digress from the loyalty you had with my heart, and show little action to engage my love, then please understand, my faith to you will diminish and I will question the promise I made.  If you push me to pain, the only thing you may be privileged to is my distant friendship. 

Do not let me in your heart if it does not have enough space to keep me. 

One Day In My Thoughts,
Your Brighter Future

*In Greek Mythology, Chaos was the start of the universe.
He ruled over confusion and emptiness.
Chaos created Nyx, the Goddess of the night.
Nyx and Chaos then created the beginning of creation for the world
which brings "Order to Chaos" by their successors.

(Genealogy Myths differ from book to book and other publications.)

I won't be perfect but, I want you to accept and smile at my imperfections.


D. Spivey said…
this is deep sweetie....i like this

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