Fitting Better + What if he is Perfect....

I am still on track to becoming more fit by May 23 (birthday). This dress fit my "okay" before but, now that my hips are a bit more defined, the dress fits and looks great on my shape. There are still some flawed areas I need to work on (love handles) because my birthday dress is UNAPOLOGETIC. 


What if he is Perfect

I will be first to raise my hand and admit I have done this.......and still do this.....and am doing it right now.  I'm SORRY, I have a problem! And I know I am not the only one.  Many women face this problem.  If he's not calling; he's with someone else.  If he's not asking me out; he's not interested. blah blah blah....WHY do we do this????  We torment ourselves for WHAT?!   I've gotten better at not feeding on the "doubtful" thoughts and leaving them alone just as quick as they pop in my head mainly because I do not like drama and thoughts like this can lead to dramatic and unnecessary circumstances.  The excuse I make for myself is that I am cautious and that I do not want to be naive....which inadvertently causes me to be very much guarded, maybe more than necessary leading to complete destruction of my possible happiness.  UGH!  How do I stop my brain from doing this?


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