I Live.

Interesting conversations with random people: 

Man: What do you do for a living young lady?
Me: I live.
Man: And what does that consist of?

Me: I live suited to my preference. I never stray from who I am or allow others to discourage from me from myself. I enjoy what I have and work for what I want. Life is about learning through your experiences and making the most of those lessons. I remain unscathed from hurdles because I know I am strong enough to move on.

Man: Young lady, you are exceptional.
Me: I thank my father.

In the process of stabilizing family, career, friends, and love connections, have fun with life.  Jump in the pool with all your clothes on.  Dance in the rain.  Sing like an idiot in your car.  Bake a cake for your neighbors, just because.  Gather your friends and have an old fashion tea party.  Get yourself a happy meal with an extra juice box.  Sit on the roof of your house and sleep under the moon.  Run on The Great Wall of China.  Lean with the Tower of Pisa.  Touch a pyramid.  Climb the Mayan Ruins.  Search for Amelia Earhart's final resting place.  Speak Latin.  Get lost in Greece.  Carve your name in wet cement.  Build a tree house.  Share a sandwich with a stranger.  Laugh until your bones hurt.
I mean....what else are you going to do with life?


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