Lulla Blue + Local Pour

Yup, same dress different colors from Lulla Blue at Vintage Park Houston, TX. 
I wore the gray look for a girls night out at Local Pour on Friday.
The blue look was for the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.

LP is an upscale bar and grille located in the Montrose area of Houston that's great for hanging out with friends.  They have a unique restaurant set up with different height tables, booths along the walls, a bar, and lounge area.  They also have live music which is always great.  I met the girls there a little after 8pm for dinner, the menu is nothing special, your usual American bar meals, but still good.  Then at 10pm a cover band came on and did their renditions of songs from the 80s to current such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Megan Trainor, Katy Perry, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, etc. Let's just say we had a blast dancing the night away! 

*There were a few sprinkles of eye candy but, none worth more than a simple glance.  A few approached us and said hi but it didn't go further than that.  
"Oh, you silly boys." 


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