Nude + Communication

My favorite boutique, "Upscale" in The Woodlands, TX just stocked this nude dress. ( I got it in black too.) What I love is that the dress is not thin so I don't need to wear a slip under it and it's not short, so I can walk in the office or the lounge without being obscure. 

The white top however, is an interesting story.  I bought it at Forever 21. When I walked in, I didn't really have anything in mind that I wanted to buy, it was just one of those days that I needed some retail therapy. I saw this top on the hanger and automatically picked it up.  The line was long for the fitting room and the store was a bit crowded so I just went ahead and paid for the top.  One night as I was getting done with work, I planned to meet an acquaintance for dinner.  I was still wearing a bland gray work dress and blazer but, I didn't want to stop home and change.  The I remembered the Forever 21 bag still sitting in my backseat. I got to the restaurant early and changed in my car.

Here was my dilemma.....when I bought this shirt, I thought is was a DRESS! So now that I am almost naked in my car, I had to do something.  Then I noticed I had some safely pins in my change tray and I made this shirt work!  I pinned the front inconspicuously and unless I admitted to what this garment was, no one was the wiser.  I'll show pictures in a future post. 



Someone put this view in my head and I've been analyzing it ever since. 

Is this really accurate?  Well, I presume it is all in how you perceive the meaning.  For me, if there is someone close to me or someone who I believe could become close to me there is a certain amount of communication that takes place but, what happens when the communication dies down or becomes obsolete?  

Let's look at this thought in a romantic relationship aspect. 

If your partner becomes mute or seems to be distant in conversation, should you wonder?  Is there something that may be revealed if conversing too much or too long?  Could your partner be concerned with saying something incriminating that you would automatically pick up on? 

I do find some truth to this.  If you enjoy someone's time and company, why would you not respond or contribute to keeping a steady flow of communication between the two of you?  Why allow unnecessary questions of why you are inattentive? 

If the interest is gone, then would it not be best to communicate that?

This is definitely a point of view to ponder more about.


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