Wind Fails + Not Looking for Daddy

 The best lighting for pictures is always natural lighting but when outside on a windy day I always have to fuss with my hair when it's down.  So snap as many pictures as you can and hope that at least one comes out great. 

Dress is from Forever21


Not Looking for Daddy

This can be a sensitive topic for women...and men. 
(I know there are great single fathers out there, I was raised by one.)

I am not opposed to dating men who do not have children, I will be completely honest and say I am hesitant about men who do not have experience with children.  He has to understand that he is coming into an already made family and there may be new things that he'll need to learn or become accustomed to. 

Yet, I am also just as hesitant with men who do have children; our parenting styles are likely to be different which can cause conflict.

Either way, single parents do have to be careful and selective with who they become serious with, especially those with young children like myself. Someone who may be good for you may not be good for your kids.

I praise and speak of my father often.  He raised me, he gave me a great childhood, he spoils my children, and he continues to provide me with the guidance I need to be great, but guess what?  He is not my birth father.  Nope, my mother married an American man when I was 5 years old, this man accepted me as his own child.  He did not have children of his own yet, so he married a single mother and conceived two other children with her.  The marriage failed and the two have been divorced since I was 11 years old.  My mother left the house and went on with her life while my "step-father" dedicated his life to raising 3 children on his own. How awesome is that?


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