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Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers and single Fathers! You are awesome!
We make sacrifices, our efforts sometimes gets over looked, we wake up early and stay up even later, we juggle work, home, appointments, meetings, deadlines, homework, reports, projects, friends, lovers, dinner, holidays, gatherings, all to make the best decisions for our family. Our strength and our value is known, if you don't know it, look in the mirror and tell yourself "I am GREAT!"

Top: Upscale Boutique (Woodlands, TX)
Skirt: H&M
Accessories including hat: Sam Moon
Shoes: BCBG

My first born, Vanessa Mae, was born only 2 days after mother's day in 2005.  I remember I was working at H&M at Concord Mall at the time on Mother's Day and I had to sit during the last few hours of my shift because it was getting too uncomfortable for me to stand. She was moving constantly in my belly that day, I knew Vanessa would be making her debut very soon. Now, every few years when her birthday falls on Mother's Day, she gets to call the shots. 

After Sunday service, she wanted to have lunch at one of her favorite restaurants, Uni Sushi in The Woodlands, TX. (Other posts about this restaurant: Here, here, and here. Yeah, we like this place a bit.)

 Afterwards, I promised her a new television for her room, so we headed over to Bust Buy and picked up a suitable 32" for a 10 year old.

Then the kids decided they wanted something sweet.  We stopped at Menchie's for some frozen yogurt.....mmmmmmm.

And of course their Poppop allowed them to go swimming.

Now time for cake!

Vanessa Mae Gray: Age 10


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