2 Looks 1 Skirt + Happy Father's Day

Above Look
Top: H&M
Skirt: Upscale Boutique
Loafers: Call it Spring

Below Look
Top: ???
Skirt: Upscale Boutique
Shoes: Aldo


Happy Father's Day

**Fathers and Step-Fathers of Girls:  May your daughter forever look to you for guidance, strength, and protection.  I hope she shares with you her thoughts as she travels through this journey called life becoming the young woman you helped mold and remain proud of.  I pray that you show her the ways of a good man so as she is growing, she knows how a man is supposed to carry and conduct himself.  I also pray that she always runs to you much like how I still run to my father. 
**Fathers and Step-Fathers of Boys:  May your son always seek you for wisdom and stand with you in the journey in becoming and being good men that the world can be proud of.  I pray that you continue to show him how to be strong while understanding the responsibilities of a provider and leader.  I also pray that you continue to teach him the ways of a gentleman so he knows how to treat all women but, deeply love the one woman who matches his grace.

"I don't know about yo daddy but, MY DADDY IS THE BESTEST!" 
It is no secret that the man who raised me is not my birth father.  He is actually my step-father but, he has been in my life since I was 5 years old and he is the only father I know.  Even after he divorced my mother, he still wanted to be in my life and fought for custody of me.....ME!, a child who has no biological relation to him but, he was already so invested in my life that he wanted to still guide me through it. SO DON'T TELL ME A DAMN THING ABOUT HAVING A GOOD DAD BECAUSE I HAVE A GREAT ONE! And he is proof that step-dads can make the best fathers!

I love every moment spent with my Daddy.  Even though he frowns upon it but, sometimes I still act like I'm 5 years old when I am around him.  I ask him to make me sandwiches and cut off the crust.  I sit in the shopping cart while he pushes me around in the grocery store.  I stick him up for shopping money (even though he never complies)....and sometimes he still treats me like a little girl.  He asks me where I am going, who I will be with, what I will be doing, and when I will be returning.  He tells me to be mindful of certain choices and asks me what type of "boys" I hang around.  I practically call on my father about everything.  We have the funniest father/daughter banter. 

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