Simply White + The Placement of a Kiss

Dress: Upscale Boutique
When wearing white, I never play by the rules! And I absolutely LOVE dresses that cover just about everything and yet revealing the most sensual parts of a woman. 


The Placement of a Kiss

A kiss is more than just a kiss when it is from the right person and place on the right location.  I do not know if men realized the affect they can have on a woman just by knowing how and where to kiss her. 

The Neck/Shoulder kiss: Some would consider this a lust kiss or a tease kiss and maybe it is.  When a man hugs you or pulls you close to him and kisses you there, you are definitely more than just friends and he definitely thinks of you as someone sweet or special. 

The Forehead kiss: This is my absolute favorite and the most endearing kiss of all.  To me, this kiss means, I care for you, I adore you, I admire you, I want to protect you, I want you near me, I want you in my life.  When things were good, my ex would give me the forehead kiss while I was falling asleep on his chest and at that quick moment, I felt all the world could be in disarray but, I was at peace. 

Just for Laughs: 

*Shoulder shrugs*
...guess I'll just finish off this MBA and work on the next promotion.

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