Blue is Happy + What is Stress LOOKING BACK 2013

Looking Back: Originally Posted on November 20, 2013
I still feel the same way about blue and stress.

Blue is a Happy color.....Need I say more?


What is Stress?

I have never believed in stress as a real ailment.  I feel if you do not dwell on the negative then it will not exist.  Not that negativity is non-existent, but that it is avoidable.  Doctors say stress can be a gateway to depression....why lead yourself there?...Stress is a non-factor to me because I mainly focus on organizing my priorities and moving beyond what others expect of me.  

There are times when I may become overwhelmed, but again, I just need to reevaluate my situation and focus on what is important to me and how my actions and decisions will affect myself and my family.  I am not Gandhi, nor do I meditate or go off to tranquility retreats.  I just use my strengths to keep myself from letting myself down.  If someone were to ask me if I am happy...without hesitation, YES!  I am not rich, I am not poor, and I am not just "staying afloat".  I am simply comfortable with who I am and the progress I have made and continuing to make.  I have very rare moments of feeling "down".


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