Class Act + Why You Are The Problem

Being classy will always make a better impression.

Jumper: H&M

Why You Are The Problem

Yes, we are encouraged to embrace our beauty, be confident, and not care what others think of us, BUT here's the silver lining....

A man does not want his lady to show her "sexy" to the world.  It is one thing to take attractive pictures but, there is a difference when you are showing your assets to the public and still expecting an honest, committed relationship. #ByeFelicia

In most perceptions, revealing pictures insinuate self-esteem issues, needing attention, or in some cases, desperation.  If most of your pictures are of you half naked, lips puckered, with flirty, sexual, or vulgar comments...then sweetie, what message do you think you are giving out?...You get back what you put out.  If you want a man to respect you, show him that you respect yourself...or refer to this post >>>  A Queen Doesn't Play the Joker

Don't be the poster child for Girls Gone Wild. 
A Good Man likes a fun girl, but he loves a Classy Woman.

Marilyn Monroe vs. Jackie O.
Do you know the difference between these two women?
Both beautiful, both in the public eye, both were loved but, one was respected and admired by all while the other needed attention and was fueled by a man's desire for her.

Some men are bad about excessive exposure as well....

I must say, after reading this article by Stephan Labossiere, I am pretty darn proud of myself.  Granted, not every man sees all of those aspects of me but, I do contain them.  I would say 2, 3, 4, 8,10, and 12 are the qualities I exude to everyone.  1, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 11 comes with getting to know me a bit more; I do not just allow anyone in my psyche.

Just For The Ladies: I know some of my readers are definitely going to chuckle about this, but isn't he just the cutest little Kappa you ever did see?!  I just want to take him home and feed this kid some rice and gravy!

Listen, I am far from my college years and for the most of it, I did not partake in the campus talk, functions, parties, scenery, etc.  The stories I heard while in college did not entice me to get out of my books and see who was stomping the yard and I also had preconceived notions about fraternities and sororities at that time, especially with my AKA friend telling about her experiences...hmmmmm, messy, messy.  Even just recently, a few 'young' frat boys approached me, and my turn off was not what fraternity they were affiliated with, my turn off was their young mindset and how they carried themselves in woman's presence; young men acting like young boys was what is was...not my cup of tea.

BUT I have been newly "educated" on a few fraternities from an 'adult' perspective.  So, I will admit there is a change from what I heard in college to what I see now and I also have to remember the bad stories will always recycle onto the next generation of frats; it is just the college way I suppose.  Granted, men will still be men, no matter what age, no matter what Greek letters they are affiliated with, some men still will not fully uphold the standards expected of them...Yes, gentlemen, I gave you 2 points just to take one back. Sorry but, you know not all of you are..."Class Acts."...So, it all boils down to how a man was raised, what expectations he sets for himself, and what morals he lives by.

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