Desert Heat + No Drama LOOKING BACK 2013

Looking Back: Originally posted on July 25, 2013
Wow, was I already so in tuned at this stage in life?

Even in the hot desert sun, 
I must stay true to my style eye with printed shorts and sheer top from NYC.
Sandals are Calvin Klein.

These are pictures from the National Cactus Park in Tuscan, AZ. 


No Drama

I was young once...still young in many eyes...and I toiled on the meaningless drama because it excited me.  I gossiped, I spread rumors, I laughed at others coldly, and I smiled at other's misfortune.  Now, I have filled my free time with my career, family, and all things progressive in my pursuit to maintain a comfortable life.  When "drama" happens, I observe it and my instant thought is to be involved, but then I think, "Is this how I would want my daughter to react?" or "I wouldn't want my son to be interested in women who act out irrationally."  And I step back and move on with my day knowing that even though I may have not said anything, my silence spoke volumes on what kind of woman I have become. 

Even with men, I have stepped away from the drama.  Since I started to meet people, I have been more aware of things that I would have made a big deal of before such as, him looking as his phone several times during a date, noticing other women, not showing genuine interest in me, etc....I've just decided to digress from a man who does things that I know will not sit well with me long term.  If it seem he is not interested, I continue on.

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