If + Jealousy

If I give you my spirit 
Embrace it

If I give you my soul
Treasure it

If I give you my heart
Protect it

If I walk away
You lost all of it


"Males shouldn't be jealous, that's a female trait" - Jay Z (Heart of the City) 

We do not always like to admit it but, we all get jealous from time to time, with our family, friends, co-workers, and lovers.  It is an insecurity, an unpleasant feeling of wanted to feed our own desires without having control. 

Men get just as jealous as women.  

Sometimes we are not willing to accept things for what they are or look deeper into the reasons of our jealousy.  Let us put this into perspective...

There are people who can make friends anywhere, walk in a room and people are drawn to their charisma.  I know more men like this than I do women.  I consider myself very personable especially when I am in a comfortable atmosphere.  I make my way around the room. laugh, smile, and introduce myself to everyone...but sometimes my actions are misinterpreted as flirtation...it is the same with men who do this and I noticed women become so jealous over this.  Why?

You cannot change who someone is.  You either accept them for who they are or leave them alone.  I do not want for my partner to feel insecure if we are out and I am making connections with people.  I want for him to do the same but, we all must be mindful of the difference in behavior between those who are single and those who are not. 

Since I am still single, my body language, my tone, my simple gestures are those of a single woman.  I may hold a longer conversation with a man, allow him to place his hand on me (in an appropriate manner), and give him the notion that there may be a possibility of getting to know me on a personal level.  When I am married, none of that is going on.  If my husband is not beside me and I am introducing myself to a man, I will keep it very simple...Hello, I am Raya.  My husband is around here somewhere, we decide to come out and meet everyone." << Or something along these lines.  Other than a handshake or a hug and, maybe a cheek kiss from a familiar person, that is the only touching I will allow a man to have when I am a wife.  

My husband will never have a reason to doubt me, only the people around me.  If he were to ever notice something he does not see suiting, I want him to come to my side and make his presence known as my husband...Hello, I'm ________, I'm Raya's husband, nice to meet you. Some people do not realize it but, when a Husband or Wife makes their presence known in a cordial demeanor, it not only lets the person know who you are, it also lets them know you are fully alert of your partner and who is around him or her without being overbearing or aggressive.

"If I licked it, it's mine."

Jealousy only appears for one reason: When someone is not comfortable with their own situations and does not know how to address them in a practical manner. 

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