My Silliness + Friends First

If you ignite my heart
and connect the flames to my spirit 
awakening the passion in my soul, 
then I am keeping you forever.

My silliness sometimes gets confused with seriousness because of my dry humor.  Over the years, I have learned that everything is not that serious, everything is not worth me thinking about, everything is not meant to be held on to, everything is not supposed fit.  So why dwell on it?  Why let it consume me?  Why let it affect those around me?  Why let it hinder my growth?  So, even though my tone may be serious in some cases, my intent is not.  Just smile, make funny faces, think happy thoughts, and wish everyone well.

The deepest secrets
Hide in the shadows
Of one's subconscious

To know my secrets
You must be prepared...

To patronize me
To dispute me
To vex me
To fear me
To criticize me
To judge me
To learn me
To understand me
To forgive me
To accept me
To teach me
To love me

When you find the hidden light in someone's pain
it is like catching sweet whispers in the dark... 

Do any of you have a problem with wearing white?  I love this non color.  I could wear white every day....even though this dress from H&M has been sitting in my closet with tags still attached for at least 2 months now but, we're not going to focus on that.


Friends First

Even though this picture is silly, I like the confidence of the man's answer.  You may call it being a smooth talker but, a smooth talker knows hows to capture a woman's attention...a man who has game, has a woman for a few nights, a man who has mack, has a woman for a few more nights with breakfast in the mornings, a man who has both, has a wife or a life of rotating women....Being a husband is a task that not every is prepared to face but, knowing he wants to be one is so admirable in a man...especially if he knows how to wear a suit well and conducts himself like a true gentleman who's main interest is seeing me smile...Where ya at doe?

So, when do you know you're in love?  And how do you distinguish love from admiration?  I think can fully admire a man for everything he is and represents and yet, not be in love with him.  Or do I love him and I'm just watering down my true feelings?  Or do I love him but, I'm not in love with him?..nahhhh, I'm cool...So what am I supposed to feel?

I do not believe in love at first sight...**So, Cupid, I need you to SWERVE dude! If you hit me with one of your arrows, I am going to kidnap your pretty little wife and throw her in Venus' basement!...I do believe we make connections with people and some connections are worth more consideration than others.  I feel that love is a process; a journey if you will to figuring out if this person is worth waking up to everyday.  Love should begin forming once a friendship is established by admiration, understanding, and respect; the foundation,...I could be friends with my future husband right now.  So any man who is reading this and is a friend of mind, do not lose hope on me!...A relationship shouldn't just happen.  It needs to grow, it needs to experience the fundamentals of pain and pleasure, it needs to win and lose in order to win overall.

When you are facing life's obstacles, who do you run to for support or advice?  Either your family or your friends right?  In a relationship, your partner should be considered both family and friend.  Even though one person will not know you the same way as another person, your partner should be the one to know you best, know how to comfort you best, know you to make you feel best, and how do we make this happen?  C'mon class, you know the answer, let's say it together...FRIENDSHIP.

I have one male friend who has known me since I was 14 years old, he's seen me at my worst and continues to encourage the best of me.  We made a pact that if we are not married by a certain age, we will marry each other...who knows if we will stick to this deal...but, he's been a good friend all these years.  We've had disputes, stopped talking to each other for lengths of time, he checked me about my ex, he's scolded me about some of my choices, I've given him advice about relationships, we've seen each other through failed affairs, we've both experienced heartache, I accept everything about him, he accepts everything about me but, we've never had a romantic connection.  Could it happen?  Only time will tell.

All I know is, I'm not the kind of woman who will remain un-married.

**The Roman story of  Cupid and Psyche depicts a sacred love affair forbidden by Cupid's mother, Venus (the Roman adaptation of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty) who was so jealous of Psyche's beauty that she sent her son to Earth to torment the mortal girl but, instead he falls in love with her and they secretly wed.  Venus intervenes, separates the two, and makes Psyche undergo impossible tasks in hopes to be with Cupid again but, in almost all of  these Roman and Greek stories, there is never an end to the punishment set by an angry God.  Eventually, Jupiter (the Roman adaptation of Zeus) steps in and releases Psyche and allows Cupid to be happy with his mortal wife.


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