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How awesome is this outfit?!  I am not one for the cropped top look, but the pattern and the colors have turned my opinion.  The top and bottom are sold separately on  I wish the shorts had pockets, but I can do without.  Plus, you don't have to pair any accessories together because the outfit is eye-catching on its own, but if you so wish to wear any trinkets, go for the coral colors....and yet, I have never worn this full look out anywhere...(-_-) 

Shoes: BCBG



I thinking I'm pretty honest with you guys about how I think and feel about relationships right?....okay, good...and I'm sure you have made your own assessments of me...Sometimes, even though I'll put up a fight in the process and I am still not so open to being vulnerable, I do feel that a man needs to check me about my lack of attention, affection, and emotions towards the opposite sex, or at least towards a him in particular...don't be scared to challenge me...with this matter, I need you to challenge me, otherwise, I am going to become more set in my ways and it will be harder for me to let my guard down to love, I am not making my emotions the man's responsibility, I am fully aware of my issues...but, I would like for a man to see me about these issues and not just wait for me to get over them.  Question me, test me, make me realize what I am not noticing about being receptive to you.  If a man finally gets me open enough to be in a relationship with him, this is what I need him to do for me, for us...and trust me, I will check him when needed as well, this is a partnership, we are building together.

My ex was a lot of things but, one things he was not, was afraid of me...before you go in about his ill ways...I know better than anyone, the pained I went through with him but, hear me out on this one topic...There has been a good amount of times where he called me out about my attitude when it was necessary...even told our families about it, I hated that...I remember he said to me that because I was his wife and the mother of his child...we only had Vanessa at this time...I needed to stop acting simple and act like I wanted my family...of course I had a rebuttal but, at this particular point, we were not really having major issues and...he was right.  I needed to get off my high horse, I'm not in Daddy's house anymore, and needed to think of others besides myself...oh Lord, I hope I don't act this way with my next husband...but if I do, he better sit me down early otherwise, I'm going to get used to him letting me have my attitude...or maybe another issue was that my ex nowhere near matched the stature of my father...hmmmmm.

Men, I know you can only take so much from us but, don't let it go on without saying something.  Trust me, you will being doing both you and your lady a favor.

Side Note: The rise and fall of the heart is more complex than anyone can explain. Even with all my education, experience, assessment of nature vs. nurture, studying my own surroundings, the different dynamics of each connection I have or ever had with a man, there is no way to fully comprehend and explain why the heart feels what it does and why it doesn't feel what it doesn't want to. And yet, it feels pain every time there is disappointment, even if it is the same disappointment.  Although, for some reason, the heart can feel happiness and shut it off for the same sentiment.  For instance, when I remember things of my ex, it is mostly related to disappointment, at one time there was a happy feeling towards him but, my heart has depleted that and the disappointment has become constant.

I don't want my next husband to fall out of love with me or me fall out of love with him, we are going to figure it out, pray on it, make the necessary changes, and make it work.

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