Sometimes + Humility


Just sometimes I like to be...plain.
As much as I like to dress up and be pretty, I also enjoy being...simple.
I am just the girl next door who knows how to style my wardrobe.  I run in heels, sneakers, boots, and barefooted.  I shop at Neiman Marcus and Macy's, but find my favorite things at Target and Marshall's.  In high school, I played soccer and tennis.  For my prom, I did not take a date nor did I ask my father to buy me an extravagant dress.  I did my own hair and make-up and my dress was the same dress I wore for Homecoming but, I had it altered to be strapless.  I was raised in a white collar, middle class neighborhood by an Irish computer engineer who provided me with an AWESOME childhood.  I was once in love and when I fell out of it, my Father said it was okay to start over.


Have any of you read Beowulf?
It is one of my favorites.  It is about a man who makes a deal with a creature that promises him a crown and a kingdom....but it came with a'll have to read the book to find out the details, or you can look up the Spark notes << Yeah, you know who you are.  Smh...

My overall interpretation of the story is hidden in this monologue from King Hrothgar.  The king is speaking with Beowulf about men wanting power, sacrificing anything to have it, and not knowing when enough is enough.  He is admitting that Man becomes blinded by all his royalties that he forgets he is still human and one day all of it will be is God's will.  

If you have not read the book, you will not understand, even on the surface, my views of it and how it translates to US in our everyday dwellings.  So let me keep it simple....

Once you have achieved all that you intended to, do not let that new power or new level in life allow you to believe you are invincible...What rises will eventually fall.  The question is, will you fall with grace and still be "wealthy" or will you fall with disappointment and be forever empty?

I say all this to highlight today's society and its unhealthy interest in opulence.  We focus on labels and the higher the price the higher status we have....excuse me, while I overwhelm myself with disgust.  Some women find satisfaction in designer names and are quick to 'name drop' who they are wearing...I, myself have few big names in my closet but, in by no means do I feel elevated because of those labels.  Yes, I like nice things.  Do I require them?  No.  If I can afford it without hindrance elsewhere, then I will obtain it.  I am very practical with my fashion choices for several reasons.  1. I have two children to put through college. 2. Right now it is just me handling my expenses and finances. 3. I do not need to spend frivolously on items I may only use a handful of times. 

People get so caught up in status that they begin to live beyond their means and are in constant struggle to "Keep Up With The Joneses." The may need to borrow money, complain about insufficient income, exhaust in what expenses they have...well, maybe if you didn't buy what you couldn't afford assuming that money will come later, you wouldn't have these issues.  If you want a lavish lifestyle, you must understand it comes with a hefty price that YOU will be responsible for.  So, I suggest you make wise decisions with your money and work hard for what you want.

I have come across a few men who fell into the trap of wanting to impress the world with what they have, then there are others who you would have no clue they drive a $100K car or have a few sensible vehicles, lives in a gated community or has several properties, and oversees many business ventures, because men who understand the importance of stability do not feel the need to showcase their assets....these are the men I admire, this is the type of man I will marry.  Anyone else is just pure entertainment.  For serious consideration, I require a man who is hard working, practical, and humble...the most fancy thing he will have is ME.

You can actually purchase this for $35 at Saks or Amazon.


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