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This dress is from a local mobile shop called Unlikey Boutique.  I never knew about mobile shops until living in Houston, and it is becoming a big deal among small businesses.  I may consider investing in one of these mobile business....hmmmm.

I choose this dress to wear to a "Fancy" girls night out dinner at Reef, located off Travis St. in Midtown with complimentary valet.  The food was delectable and the manager was very accommodating when more ladies showed up than expected.  Even though we had to split our group, we were still comfortable and attended to.  They offer a great cocktail menu and a BOOK of amazing wines to choose from.  Reef was featured on a show on The Food Network specifically for their porkchops, although this is mainly a seafood restaurant, that was the key dish...mmmm, don't get me started on my love for porkchops...but, I'll have to go back for that since I opted for the fried oysters for my appetizer, the grilled swordfish as my meal, and of course, cheesecake for dessert.  I was a happy Fancy girl!


I support small business, especially those of my friends.  The young lady in the middle is Ebony Roberts and she owns Ebon Chocolates & Pastries.

She had a little setup at a farmers market in Sugarland, Texas, and even though it was a 45 minute drive for me, I still wanted to let her know I believe in her and support her efforts.  I bought two of her cupcakes and they did not make it to my car!  My favorite so far is the caramelized white chocolate and strawberry gawwd it was heavenly!

I not only support my dear friends, I also support other women in business.  This photo above is of the amazing, Bri Calloway, who owns The Tipsy Dessert Bar featuring alcohol infused ice cream...yup, a woman's favorite flavor is the White Russian.  Plus, the great thing with this ice cream is that it is non-dairy.  Now, this does not make much of a difference to me because I have no issues with dairy but, for those who do, this is the best alternative!  Many girls nights at home will consist of a few pints of this ice cream, Clueless, The First Wives Club, Jason's Lyric (Girl, he washed my feet!...don't judge me, I like that scene.) and The Best Man the way, who else laughed and cried consistently throughout this movie?  That damn movie made a fool of my emotions!  I didn't know what to do with myself.  I wasn't prepared for that type of breakdown.  Thank goodness I went to go see this alone...yes, I take myself to the movies and LOVE IT!

I this above photo, the woman on the right is Nicole Kestenbaum, whom is a fellow blogger (Lipstick and Brunch) plus she has a professional photography business.  The young lady on the left is my friend Erin, whom began the woman's social group that I help organize, MsIndependent


Speaking of the women's social group, in an earlier post HERE, I mentioned that we were part of the women's build division for Habitat for Humanity.  We completed our project on July 11, 2015.  This is the house we put walls up for.  This house is going to a single mother and her three children.  I pray that they have many great memories within these walls and find security under this roof.


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