The Princess + Daddy's Girl

Have you ever heard of the Princess Mentality Syndrome? 
In short, it is a thought process of someone who believes she lives in a fairy-tail world, feels she is the center of the universe, overly concerned about her looks, and focusing only on pretty things.  This is cute for a little girl and it can be beneficial as a young girl becomes a young woman asserting her confidence and assuring her own self-esteem, that is, if she is guided in the right direction.

Corinthians 13:11
"When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things."

We all must grow, including women.  When discussing relationship topics, I always hear a man speak about treating a woman like a Queen.  This is endearing but, I think some men and women have misconceptions of what a Queen does, believing that a man should just love her and she is owed the love a man is willing to give her without much efforts on her behalf.  Yes, a woman was a princess at one time, without any cares and being admired by all the young squires whom may have showered her with compliments and gifts but, to be a Queen, she has know her responsibilities.....

Being gracious
Being fair
Being respectful
Being passionate
Being affectionate
Being loving
Being understanding
Being organized
Being balanced
Being creative
Being wise
Being helpful
Being nuturing
Being supportive
Being the voice of reason

but most importantly...

Being the protector of her King or Kingdom if unwed.
(For those of you who know anything about chess, you will understand this reference.)

*For more insight on the Princess Syndrome and how to guide your daughter through it, read this Article.

Daddy's Girl

My daughter at age 3 with her father at the park. My favorite picture of them two.

It is no secret that I am a Daddy's Girl.  I love my father wholeheartedly.  My father does not say much but, when he does, I listen...well, now I do, since I've matured and realized Daddy knows best. 

When a Father (or a Mother) speaks to a daughter about dating, it should sound like this....
1. Do not entertain a man who entertains more than one woman: This does not mean he can not associate with other women but, if his interaction with you is the same interaction with others, then he has not yet decided if it is you he wants to pursue. In which case, keep him at a comfortable distance and don't demand his attention, it is for him to want yours.

2. If he is interested in you, let him ask you out: A man is supposed to be a natural leader; let him make plans to take you out or to spend time with you. Better yet, if he asks you for your input about things to do, then he is showing that not only is he making an attempt to spend time with you but, he is also thinking of you as an equal to consider your input.

3. Don't just read into his words, let his actions prove his sincerity to you: A man can say all the things a woman likes to hear but, don't let that blind you from the reality of the fact he still should show you that his interest is far more than just the surface.

4. When you are out with him observe his interaction and body language towards you: Do NOT let him touch you inappropriately. If you are walking together, see how close he is walking with you and if there are people coming your way, notice if he pulls you closer to avoid them bumping into you or vice versa. Same thing when he opens the door for you, watch if he just only opens the door or if he places his hand on the small of your back, not pushing you but, guiding you in safely.

5. Make sure his eyes are on you: He can look around and notice other people but, his attention should mainly be on you, paying attention to what you are saying and how you are interacting with him.

6. Dress accordingly: Depending on what the plans are, dress appropriately for the occasion. You still want to present yourself as a lady not a trollop who is desperate for attention.  Men may notice the woman in the tight short skirt but, for the most part they only look at her for one purpose. You don't want to be just one purpose.

7. Remain a Lady: Use your manners, say please, thank you, be polite, etc. Keep your attention and focus on him.  Never allow another man to take your attention away from him.

8. Use your educations: Speak how you were taught and articulate what you have learned in your years.  If you talk about sex, refer to intimacy.  If you talk about love, refer to passion.  Engage his responses. 


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You are such a classy woman.

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