The Chase


I don't care what the case is, who the man is, how he looks, what his credentials are, how much money is involved.....women by no means should ever chase a man! I find myself having the same conversations about men with my friends and the same questions always come about...

Why do men feel that we need to make more efforts to impress them?

I understand that we are in a new day and age where women can be very dominate, but I still feel that a man should do the courting.  I've done my share of being the first one to start a conversation, but why should I go out of my way to get your attention?  Look, I am a confident woman, I really have no problem with having a conversation with a random guy, but do not always expect me to approach you first.  I  hold men to a higher degree of braveness and sociability, so I personally expect a man to break the ice.  I feel that when I do it, then the whole scale is off and I am now the more dominate creature...Would you like for me to order you a drink too?...not all women will have this same view.  That is what I expect a man to do.  If you are interested, then make it known, otherwise move along so the guy behind you who's been eyeing me the whole night can drum up the courage to come sit next to me and ask me about my day and it does not have to be anything more than just...making connections.

If we like each other, cool, let's see where this goes, if not, then I'm not going to get hung up on you and find ways to make you want me.  I'm awesome to know either way, if you do not see that then that is not my issue, because there are not very many people in this world I cannot get along with.

(Sighs) I've said this before and I'll say it dating has crippled us and it makes me wonder how my kids will meet their significant others.

Why do some men have a fear or avoidance to commit to one woman?

Now this question is open ended and people have their own view and opinions on monotony and I will say that I understand most point of views...I understand that humans are animals and an animal's nature does not understand union-ship of only 2.  Yet, there have been stories and studies of animals becoming sad or depressed when a companion, dolphins, whales, elephants, monkeys, etc. but I guess the nature of man is so far evolved that there is just too much free will and opportunities in the world to be linked to only one person...which leads me to mention that some of my male friends have stated to me that "A man can sleep with another women and still dearly love his girlfriend/wife, but a women cannot separate their emotions the same way."...(-_-).....ummmmmm, WHET?...Yes, women are genetically made differently, we do tend to connect our emotions with many of the things we do or choices we make, but that does not mean that men should be given a free pass to be all willy-nilly about town.  It is one thing to have fun and date, but if you have someone who thinks the two of you are more exclusive, then you guys might want to sit down and have a talk about what your true intentions are, and I will admit that some women do tend to linger on men who show them a nice time, who are sweet to them, and who act as if the are making a relationship grow.

I am not man bashing, I go out to meet people, exchanging numbers and do casual hangouts...I hate the stigma of I have no problem with a man doing the same thing, just let me know that's what it is.  I will not stop you from wanting to have fun, but also, do not have a double standard on me for doing the same things.  You met a new girl who you want to take out to dinner?...Great!  Go for it, hope everything works out, invite me to the wedding...I want for my male friends and associates to meet their future significant others even if it is not me.  I know I am not everyone's cup of tea.  If we are able to identify early on that my quarks, personality traits, and demeanor is not going to mesh well with yours, then awesome, now we do not have to waste time wondering if this could possibly be a relationship.  I will just be one of your great-looking friends who can give you advice on how to approach and keep your girl!

Maybe I'm the one who's crazy and demanding too much, whatever, I'm sticking to my guns and will continue to sit pretty while having fun with this whole "meeting men authentically" deal, but again, I will NOT chase you, I'd rather flip my hair...

.....or by myself some new trinkets.
Gimme gimme!

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Anonymous said…
Women fail to realized that all that pretty made up face and look does not compare to how she looks in her natural state. Your true beauty shines far more than Cover Girl can do. I've seen some of your natural pictures and you are simple flawless.

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