Contrasting + Mia's Closet + Myoa Music

Dress: eBay
Necklace: Bevello
Shoes: Guess
Bow Belt: *I took it off another dress of mine. 

I was playing with the lighting and contrast features on my phone.
My legs really don't look this good but, I'll just say they do for now.

Mia's Closet
A young lady by the name of Chelsea Coffey whom is the founder of non-profit organization called, Mia's Closet, had a community event on Saturday, August 29, 2015.  Volunteers and supporters came out to the Baker-Ripley Neighborhood center to donate clothing and their time for children in the community.  It was a great turnout and I was humbled to be a part of it. 

There were fun activities for the kids such as, face painting, tug-of-war, jump rope, etc.

Tables and racks were marked with ages, gender and size for parents to pick from.

My friend, Melissa and I, donated a few bags of clothing, water, and polish for the girls.

Myoa Music
Later that night, we got together with a few other friends at The Tasting Room in Uptown Park and enjoyed the beautiful art of Myao.  Her voice is heavenly! (I originally went to the wrong location...I went to the CityCentre location and was given a confused look when I asked what time the show would be starting...smh..."Reading is fundamental Raya")


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