Making Changes + Where Have I Been?

Hello Everyone! 
I just want to say THANK YOU for your interest in my blogsite and the topics I speak of.  Words cannot expresses how deeply grateful I am for your support!  2015 has been an abundance of great memories thus far, not to mention entirely busy and we still have 4 months to go!  I have gotten offers to be a style representative for several boutiques, opportunities to become a paid blogger for several companies continue to knock at the door, I have attended some amazing events, made lasting connections, and in all this, I have learned so much more about myself!

As you can see from the desktop view, I have made some changes.  Moving forward, I am only going to publish  a minimum of 2-4 posts a month.  The topics will still be of the same dialogues and of course my retail addiction will always be included.

I was channeling my inner Medusa.
I strive to be well versed in life and happiness and make a point to divert from negativity.  We can only control ourselves, in which case, I am the only one who can improve myself.

Here are some of my favorite posts so far....and from my side, I can see they are some of your favorite as well!

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Where Have I Been?

Wall Street Journal Article HERE.

So the other week, a friend told me about a money transfer app called Venmo which is an app you share with friends and family to send and request money.  I have always been a PayPal person considering I do a lot of online shopping and have an account with eBay which uses PayPal as their source of financial transactions.  I also have the PayPal Here app which I can use the card swipe to take payments but, this is mainly for business purposes.  I have the same deal with Square's card swipe.  Plus, since I utilize Google tools, I have Google Wallet but, never used it.

The only thing with Venmo is that to send and receive funds, the recipient must also have a Venmo account BUT, after some further research, this app is backed by PayPal, so any concerns I initially had have now digressed.  With Square Cash, you can send requests and or receive money from anyone, plus you can add the "Cash.Me" link to your website and people can send fund to you without submitting a formal request...notice the "$" tab on the menu bar.  Either way, both apps seem to be very useful.


Reevaluate your surroundings. Those around you may not always be the best for you. Their pessimistic thoughts will only breed destruction to your growth and success. Let these people go and have them fight their own demons because YOU, my darlings, have a goal to achieve.

You know your vision. The key is to keep moving forward. When you have people who complain constantly it causes you to lose focus and get side tracked trying to entertain or hear their complaints.  You don't have time for that.  You need to keep going.  Your goals are your goals and whatever someone else's goals are is their responsibility to achieve.  You are your own keeper.  Don't allow someone else to be the root of your downfall, because the only one to blame for your setback is YOU. 


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