Simple + WTF MEN?

This is not a recent picture but, I love it because my hair did exactly what I wanted it to do!  Plus, I am in a casual look, which if you've noticed, is not too often.


By no means am I saying all men are foolish, nor am I intending to crucify any man and before reading the messages below, here is the back story: I made a post on Facebook about a conversation I had with my father talking about business and being successful.  I was not in the best of moods since my work day was madness, so when the this man made a comment I was a bit brash.  We exchanged a few simple text messages back and forth, again I was in no mood to be bubbly, so my messages were very short and evanescent.  Several hours later, I decided to deactivate my Facebook account because I found myself being too consumed with it and it was not conducive to my emotional turmoil at the time.

Some time later while I was sleeping, I received a text from said man questioning if I had "unfriended" him because he could not see my page, this irritated me a bit because I do not place any social media network on a high pedestal.  Then he insulted me; this just fueled my irritation.  I was having trouble staying asleep that night so I noticed his message in the wee hours of the morning.  I responded very thoroughly with mentioning what I decided to do with my Facebook and explaining my disgust to his assumption and insult.  Later, he responds....

But WTF is this?! With his response!!!
And he proceeds to send a slew of compliments to me
ending the train of endearment with a simple smiley face....WTF.

Ideally, all I can do is laugh about this.  This man and I are not romantically involved and we have only been acquainted with one another for a short period of time.  I have chosen not to entertain him any further but, if we were to end up in the same room, I will be pleasant. 

All in all, this man is a seemingly a good guy, we...our....I don't know, I guess our personalities don't blend well?  Again, my intention is not to exploit this man, I just want to express how some of you men....perplex my soul!

 Just For Laughs: 


Anonymous said…
And she's clever with her words. Straight choked the man's soul!
Kevin said…
Miss, you're words are very piercing but it seemed like you had to respond that way since he said what he did. It looks like getting into it with you is a losing battle of wits for the other person. But at the same time you were still nice at the end. It is passive aggressive on a cordial and highly intelligent level on your part. That's sexy. You should be in politics.

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