Sunday Cruising + IDFWU

Dress: Anthropologie
Clutch: Sam Moon
Shoes: Bakers (Now named "Call It Spring") 

I traveled this weekend.  Did some work, got together with a friend, and met some more great people.  It was much needed, a reminder of what life is supposed to be like...laughter and good company.  I reflected on my weekend as I drove home listening to some soulful tunes...

I am blessed to have the people I have in my life, how they came in my life and when they came in my life.  Their entries were perfect.  And if they so chose to exit or if life events cause our connections to dissolve, then I am still blessed to have know them for the time I did.


I am in "I" mode right now to men...IDFWU...

After some clarity, I have decided to be done.  With my last few issues, ehem, misunderstandings, with men (in Houston) I am done with unnecessary connections.  Although, I still think these few men are great, just not great for me.  I have even shutdown my personal Facebook account and started a business page that links to my website..  I will no longer entertain anyone who does not understand and accept my plans and goals.  Not to sound conceited but, I AM AN AMAZING PERSON TO KNOW and will be a great wife to a great husband.  For now, either accept what I am willing to offer or step aside.  

I will make time for those whom are worth making time for.  You do not have to know me well for me to think about you.  You just have to understand that I am not waiting by the phone to hear from you or that just because I do not answer your call, I am ignoring you.  I have things to do, everyday.  I cannot drop everything just because you feel I need to make you important in my life.  If you are someone I need to keep close, I will do so and keep you as close as you keep me but, do not force anything on me.  

Even though I may not have the most time right now, does not mean I will never have the time.  There are reasons for what I am doing, just let me do them and if you are the man I am meant to be with then everything that I am accomplishing right now, will benefit US....I expect you to be just as ambitious and determined to ensure your future with anyone to be exactly what you need.


I don't follow much football, but I have a football loving family.
Of course they love the HOME team.


Anonymous said…
I think I saw you this weekend. You were wearing a tan sun hat. You are very beautiful. I did not want to approach you since you looked like someone already has you. He is a very lucky man. #KappaMan
KappaYoBabyYo said…
Yo that is her. She was with the Bama Nupe. That's a badd woman right here. I was hawking her. She had that classy look on. Nupe better hold on to this one.
KappaYoBabyYo said…
Sweetheart you live in Houston? Was that your Nupe?
Anonymous said…
How did you find her. Yeah she was with a Nupe. Seen her on Friday. Had the long dress. Saw her sillouette in it. She real bad. Exotic girl. Every Nupe needs one of her. Baby got a website and everything. No ratchetness at all. Classy woman. That's how real Kappas do it.
KappaPsi said…
Family she is really classy. Like a true woman. Made Nupe proud. And she is tatted and she speaks well. Man, I hope that Bama know what he got.
KappaYoBabyYo said…
Yo Nupe, when did you speak to her?
KappaPsi said…
Nah, fam. I didn't talk to her. I was standing by her when another Nupe tried to get at her. Bama walked away so he didn't see it, but she was for her Nupe. She was sweet with it too when she let old boy know she was only there for her Kappa.
KappaYoBabyYo said…
Damn, that's how you know she's a good one. That Bama is a cold dude for brining her out.
Raya L. said…
Thank you gentleman, for your flattering words. I will be sure to let My Kappa know he made a great choice, although, I believe he already is aware of this this. My Poppa knows what he's doing and is is very confident of how he is doing it.

I hope all of you made it home safely from your travels. Have a great week.
Kevin said…
Ma'am are you saying you are not going to date anyone?

You shouldn't cut off men because of a few knuckle heads.

And I am confused with these comments. your post says that you are not entertaining anyone but the comments say otherwise. It seems misleading.
Raya L. said…
I apologize Kevin. I do not mean to mislead anyone.

Am I dating? No.
Am I in a relationship? No.
Do I have a male friend who I consider more? Yes.

But, let me break it down simply as to not give too much of my personal business out because it is not only my business but, his business as well. We like a certain level of privacy for our own reasons.

Both of our schedules are demanding. We do not speak to one another everyday or have the opportunity to see each other everyday. So if and when we have the chance be in one another's company, we enjoy our time together because know we our time is limited.

This weekend for example, any man who approached me, I made it a point to let them know, that my only interest is to enjoy my friend. I was very pleasant about my disinterest towards them and they respected my space thereafter.

My friend and I are very honest with one another and our communication is open. He knows there are men who attempt to pursue me as I am sure it is the same with women on his end. There is no conflict with us on that regard. He also knows that my words with anyone else are nothing like my words with him because I do think highly of him.

Yes, right now we are only friends and I am very comfortable with where our friendship is. I do not pressure him, he does not pressure me and I greatly appreciate him for that. We both understand that we are each separate individuals who have goals we want to accomplished. I always wish him the best as he does for me as well.

As far as what I said in my post. I am digressing from meeting anyone for romance...which I was not initially doing anyway but, now I will not even entertain the idea of it. I plan to focus more on my progress as an individual. I have realized that most men cannot understand or accept that. So, I guess you can say my friend and I have a mutual understanding of one another which is why I consider him more than others.
Kevin said…
^^^ Well this is an excellent reply. Does your friend know you have this website? I would be all smiles if I saw this. A beautiful woman talking about me like this is definitely something to pump any man's ego. I think I would have to agree with the rest of the comments. Your Kappa friend is very lucky to have you in his life. Have a good evening Ma'am.
Kevin said…
And you have great style. Again I agree with the comments. Your look is very classy. I have not seen many women be able to do what you are able to do and still carry herself with so much respect. Good night.
99Nupe said…
I seen you at Gordon's. I was on the other side of the room with my boy in the bar area. I couldn't stop looking over at you. No disrespect to Kappa but it's hard to keep your eyes off something so pretty. Even the way you were sitting was so poised and perfect. You complimented him just right. I hope he's taking good care of you.
Raya L. said…
Wow. Good morning fellas. Again, thank you for the compliments! I am surely overwhelmed and appreciative by them. My friend does know of my website and I did mention the first few comments to him which he has seen. I am not sure if he has been able to catch these recent ones but, I can assure you he sees no harm by any of your words. He knows how I carry myself and is aware how I interact with people. My Kappa is confident.

Enjoy your day everyone.
Anonymous said…
Wow is right Ms Raya. After reading all the comments and through some of your blog, you seem like a very good woman. Humble, intelligent, funny, and full of life. Oh yeah and of course very beautiful but you obviously already know that. All this in one woman is rare these days. Good luck with everything.

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