The Sun + The Beauty of Him

I'm a sun child. I like being in the elements. I like diversity. I like beauty. I like simplicity. 

Dress: Upscale Boutique
Hat, Bag, Jewelry: Sam Moon
Shoes: Jessica Simpson


The Beauty of Him

I know I am not the only one who does this!  And Men, here is a little secret.....Women do this a lot! We create whole movies in our head within minutes but, still be fully aware of what's going on. By the time you finished talking to me about what your favorite meal is, I've already pictured you surprising me while I am sipping my tea and having brunch with the girls discussing the childish antics of our kids when I notice you handing me flowers, bend down to kiss my forehead, say hi to the ladies, and then tell me to cancel all my meetings for the week because you planned a getaway to the countryside. 

I am not sure how obvious I am when I do this and I am afraid to ask, as to not seem like an awkward creeper and I like to think that I turn my head just in time before I get caught staring for too long but, sometimes when an attractive man is speaking to me I get lost in his beauty.   The way his lips move, his jaw structure, how his shirt fits his shoulders, how is collar graces his neck, the arch of his eyebrows, the scent of his cologne....

Oh gosh, and don't let him be a man who is everything that I need....tall, loves kids but does not necessarily want more, has had his learning experience of a long-term committed relationship, is well traveled, personable, confident, great smile, physically fit, intelligent, established, business savvy, dresses well, personable, considerate of my thoughts, attentive to my needs, protective of my heart, and Daddy likes him....yeaahhhh, all this is gonna have me married, cooking dinner every night, breakfast every morning with his clothes ironed and ready!....and sleeping in his shirts when he is away from home.

Dear Future Husband,

I don't need a big Gatsby wedding.  I just need you.

P.S.- Hey Future Husband, please know that just because I have a public website that I will be talking about our personal business.  I know better.  Yet, if you love me enough to want to marry me then you will also know me enough to know that what is between us is between us, the world will only get the tidbits.

And speaking of brunch with the girls....
At Radio Milano

The ladies and I met up at one of our favorite areas in Houston, CityCentre, to catch up our lives (men, work, family. etc) and feast on good food.....mmmmmmm.

Interesting Thought: Someone recently asked me if my girlfriends and I get into the catty drama displayed on tv and heard through stories....uhhhhh....NO.  My friends and I are grown and can discuss our differences without hoping tables or being held back by others.

I will say this and I am not turning my back on my ladies BUT, the female genes do not always highlight our best attributes.  We are naturally trusting in the form of, We want to experience new things so we take the risk of telling our secrets, giving too much of our opinions, revealing more our ourselves than needed....layman's terms: We tend to talk about our personal business too freely. << The problem is some of us do not know when to stop or realize we are sparing far more info than necessary and get upset when our friends have their own opinions of us or relay our business to others.  So there are women who cannot hear criticism or consider the thoughts of others with a positive perspective.  I am not acquainted with such women.

I enjoy all my gal pals.  I am closer to some over others (mainly by default) but, I still maintain a level of privacy with each one and I think they do the same.  We are far too busy in our professional lives and dealing with the madness of men to dwell on conflicts among our friendships...We ain't got time fo dat.

My friends and I will be the future Golden Girls!

Until then, we smoke hookahs...


99Nupe said…
And this is the outfit that did the day just right.
KappaPsi said…
Yes it was. Had he looking very hard like a creeper. Lol. You are very funny Ms Raya.
KappaPsi said…
KappaPsi said…
By the way, you have a very beautiful smile. Just an all around gorgeous lady.
Anonymous said…
Yes ma'am. You are perfect. Real life art right here.
KappaYoBabyYo said…
Ms Raya please tell your Kappa that needs to hold on tight or you may get snatched up. No disrespect but damn.

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