5'4 + The Language I Do Not Speak


Don't you love it when you go through your closet and find things you have not worn in months, maybe years and yet, you manage to put an awesome look together?!

Top: Somewhere on South St., Philadelphia, circa 2002
Skirt: Unbranded (eBay)
Shoes: BCBG 

I am only 5'4...and I am just fine with that.


The Language I Do Not Speak

I do not speak "Dating."

I may be sounding like a broken record but, for every man I meet, I have to state my disclaimer:
I am not interesting in dating,
I do not want a forced love connection,
do not pressure me,
I will avoid you if you cannot comply.

Give me my time to become more, then I can be perfect for you...
If you are interested enough to still be around.
No further questions please.

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But really...

The deepest secrets
Hide in the shadows
Of one's subconscious
To know my secrets
You must be prepared
To cringe
To fear me
To criticize me
To judge me
To understand me
To forgive me
To love me


Anonymous said…
Does your Alabama friend ever question you about being single and saying certain things that let dudes know you are fully available to know them. For example, it is very clear you have a special "friend" who has some of your attention but you say you are open to meet people. Does he ever say anything about that. And if you are as great in person as you are here could there be a possibility that he wants something more serious with you but is trying to not damage the bond you guys have?

It doesn't make sense for a man who was able to get passed a few steps to have a little more of your time but he doesn't take advantage to want something serious with you unless he does not have plans to be more than what it is.

You are a very beautiful woman. you dress nice. you're smart and seem to be very diverse. It just seems like a man would want more of your heart.

Just wondering.
Raya L. said…
What my friend and I experience with one another maybe a bit unorthodox than what people are used to. People see a man and a woman together ans automatically assume things. What we share right now is very nice. We've not discussed the future of us and we may never will. Right now I am not thinking about any of those details. If he does have some feelings that he has not yet shared with me then that is his business whether he wants to have that conversation with me or not. I just know that I like who he is and I am sure he like who I am. I cannot and will not assume how deep his feelings are for me.
Anonymous said…
If he is not saying anything then it doesn't seem fair to the men who can probably make you just as happy but won't hesitate to tell you how they feel about you. He is keeping you from a man who is already ready to have you.
Raya L. said…
I do not believe that is the case with us. To be honest it's most likely more of me who has been very adamant of appreciating him for not pressing me and allowing me to have my time and space. So if he is not saying anything then it would be more so out of respect of my own wishes right now but, if there are other reasons for him not to say much, then again, that is his business and it is not my place to question him about those topics.
Anonymous said…
Ok. fair enough. I'm just saying, if you are not at least engaged to this man by next year, you need to allow yourself to be open to someone else.
Raya L. said…
Thank you for your consideration. I have faith that everything will work out as it should so there is not point in myself or my friend to force anything we do not feel is natural.

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