Belly Out + Where Did The Romance Go

I was hesitant to wear this outfit because of the cropped torso is not where I want it to be right now...but I gave it a shot anyway since the shorts are a bit high waist and covers most of my stomach.  I love the outfit.  It is very practical and great for the hot weather.

Shorts set: The Look Book Store
Hat: Sam Moon
Shoes: Nine West


Where Did The Romance Go?
Not too long ago I had a brief discussion with a gentleman about married couples having their own separate bedrooms.  There were 3 women at the table including myself and he ask us how we would feel if our future husband requested to have a separate bedroom.  Before he could explain his reasons, I was/am in agreement with the idea, which is what a "Man Cave" is meant for.  The gentleman's reasoning was for an undisturbed sleep throughout the night which is understandable.  My thoughts on it is allowing each other to have our own personal space. 

This is not to say that we sleep separately each night but, think about it, even though a house is built for the growth and union of a family, it is the woman who decorates it, maintains the furniture placement and replacement, keeps it clean or manages people to clean it, she makes it a home, so her touch is everywhere, a man needs his own space.

Hell, I'm not even opposed to us having 2 homes...let me explain...
I expect my future husband to already have a some established goals as I expect of myself, so it is likely that we will already have our own homes when we meet.  We can keep both homes and lease one out or if he has a condo style home, we can use it as a "cooling off" space or relaxing weekend getaway when needed.  And if he needs a few days to clear his mind, then I am just fine with that.

Regardless of the arrangement you and your spouse or future spouse have, it is not for me or anyone else to judge or even understand.  You and the person you stood in front of the Lord with are the only ones who should have a say in your plans together.  There is really nothing that a couple can say to me about their union that would make me seriously question, Why?  I understand with relationships that are worth it, people will make the decisions they need to make their marriage survive.  So just because you hear or see something that may be unorthodox, does not mean that there is no love or romance in the union.  Judge not what you think you see.


As some of you may know, I am an avid reader.  My current leisure is "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde. I am only few chapters in but, already I am in love, especially with Lord Henry Wotton.  I love Henry's thought process, his dry humor and cynicism, plus the old English way of speaking is beyond intriguing....if only men still spoke like that...and I almost love Henry as much as I love Jay Gatsby.  I have not gotten to the part where the magic of the picture happens but, I am sure it will be a great sensation of the mind.

PS: (Men, you can stop reading here.) - I love my new GYNO.  There was a change in my insurance so I had to pick a new one and it was time for me to do my yearly checkup plus, any other tests that needed to be done.  Dr. Anita Fulton is bubbly, has great mannerisms, and was very helpful with all of my questions...I had a pre-cancerous scare in 2009, so I am always nervous about that issue being present again.  Her office staff was also great.

Anita Fulton, MD
Spring, TX


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