Low Key + The Misconceptions of Him

My friends always say I never dress down....well, here you go.
It is not that I do not have casual clothes, I do, everyone does.  
I just like to be meticulous with what I wear.

Blazer: H&M
Top: H&M
Pamts: Target
Loafers: Call It Spring
Purse: Sam Moon


The Misconception of Him

I have several male friends whom are handsome, personable, respectful, sweet, and stable BUT, the ones who are single say the same thing about women...

"They think I'm a man whore."

Ummmm, well, ideally, I can see the point of view of women...a man who looks and carries himself a certain way must have a line of women after him or many numbers in his phone that he could call at any given time.  Although, this may be true, yes he may have plenty of women wanting him, yes he may have a slew of numbers in his phone but, we have to stop and digest the fact that he may not be want you think or what your friends think. He may not have a romantic interest in those women, he may not use any of those numbers. 

For the most part the men I am acquainted with want love, comfort, and stability just as much as many of us women do...I am as good as the company I keep but, I also do not judge anyone for their lifestyle choices, some people are left at a distance...but, understand that men have preferences too  He may get your number but, will he use it in the way YOU expect him to use it?  It all comes back to the woman you are and the impression you gave him.

Hell, I have a few men after me and a few numbers in my phone but, I am very selective with WHO I communicate with and HOW I communicate with them.  For the most part, my words are friendly, positive, and encouraging to each man. There is only one number I use often and how I communicate with this person does not compare to how I communicate with the others...for good reason.  So women can be viewed the same way. Are you willing to walk away because of your misconceptions of him?

Give the man a chance to show you whether or not he is a "hoe". You may be right but, what if you are wrong?  Just because to see a man attracting a lot of attention, does not mean his attention is everywhere with every woman. Observe how he is with YOU.  And not just when you two are alone but, also when you are out in public and among friends or familiar groups.

A man who only has eyes for you will not keep you far from his grasp (figuratively).

As for my friends, sometimes when we hang out, women think we are involved, even though we show nothing to validate their thoughts other than them seeing a man and a woman laughing and enjoying their time together; nothing more, nothing less.

I'm Hungry:

A few days ago I went to a Thai Restaurant somewhere in Houston (forgive me, I am still learning the areas of this HUGE city) I just know it is somewhere West off 610 hwy.  It's called Vieng Thai, if you want to look it up since I am of no help.

Anyway, I went by myself (low key pimp mode) and ordered the usual suspect: Som Tum (spicy papaya salad and Tom Yum (house soup with noodles)....I. ATE. IT. ALL! No regrets!

My usual place for Thai food is Gourmet Thai off Richmond Ave. (below) but, they were closed on the day I wanted food which is why I opted for the above location.  At Gourmet Thai I order the same, plus red curry beef and bring some back for my sister.  We love this stuff!

Also check out my new Food Page on IG: Foodie.Me.Foodie.You


Anonymous said…
Ms. Raya you are perfect. Your casual look still looks good because of your true beauty.

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