Something Blue + Make Me Remember You

I love this pastel blue color.  Pastel colors are great on dark skin tones!
Little Gizmo did not want to step out of my picture (-__-).

Dress (has pockets):
Shoes: Audrey Brook
Accessories: Sam Moon

Make Me Remember You

Most people are busy...well, people who want the best experiences in life are busy, so they tend to have full schedules which pull them in many directions.  If you are interested in such a person, you must be distinct enough to keep their attention even if for a second or random sporadic moments. 

There are times when I forget to respond to a message or return a call because I get wrapped up in an email I just received, run into someone I can network with, get caught up in girl talk with friends, my kids want to go in the pool, or I pass out because I need a rest.  Either way, I do not intentionally ignore anyone...well, I do have a few names on the "Do Not Answer" list but, they did it to themselves...If you are someone I have interest in or our connection is relative or beneficial to my persona, then I will make a point to have time with and for you but, if you stay too absent from my mind or if you have proven to be a liability, then I begin to forget you.

Make me remember you like you remember me...

Car ride shenanigans are the best!

One of my best friends was getting married on September 19th and of course, I had to go home to visit to witness a beautiful affair and see some familiar faces.  I took a flight out Thursday evening and after I get my rental and checked into my hotel, I headed to WAWA!!!!  The struggle it is when no one understands what a Wawa run is.  It is a convenience store times 10.  You can get snacks, drinks, hot food to go, and great coffee, plus Wawa is also a gas station, so everything you need in one place...AND  they are open 24 hours!  I picked up an Italian hoagie and an iced coffee at 2:30am.  My next plan was to get a cheesesteak the following day....

You have no idea how long I have been wanting a juicy cheesesteak! Fried onions, mushrooms, ketchup, light mayo, and bell peppers all mixed in with chopped steak meat on roll....mmmmmmmmm.  I ate that so fast, my chest started hurting!  I also made my way to the Christiana Mall it has been ranked one of the top malls in the US to bring in the most revenue...Of course the tax free shopping may have something to do with that statistic...I strolled over to the FANZ shop and picked up all Eagles gear for my family.  There were a few Giants fans in there but, we were cordial. 

Now on with the wedding...
I love this family.
The bride is my best friend dancing with her husband and children....
her kids also happen to be my God children...
they have grown so much!
The other lady in the blue is also a childhood buddy.  We all share crazy memories together.
This extra young lady int he black is my best friend's cousin.
As I was growing up with my friend, I grew up with her family as well so I was excited to see them all.
15+ years of friendship between us right here.  
My two handsome God sons. 
More long time friends, also 15+ years strong.

I really enjoyed my time and plan to come home more often with my kids in tow.  
Below are some fun clips of the family and wedding party dance.


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