Because I Must....

So the new year is going to come sooner than we expect...and I ordered a dress that I MUST look great in.  Which means...back the the diet I did for my birthday dress???...NO.

For two months I practically starved myself, chicken broth, diet pills, teas, laxatives, etc., just to get into this was not easy...This time around, I want to be consistent with HEALTHY eating so I do not have to resort to a crash diet each time I have a new dress to wear.  I enlisted the help of one of my friends who is into fitness and she is designing me a meal plan.  She says I cannot have pork, beef, white rice, and sugar!...Lord, help me through this.

This also means that I have to start cooking healthy.... (-___-)

Right now, I am very close to 150lbs...I was not this heavy then I was pregnant...I am only 5'4 so the weight does make a difference for me and even though everyone keeps telling me I do not need to diet...I know where I want to be weight wise and I know how I want my clothes to fit...I am a bit fluffy at the moment.

I do not have plans for New Year's yet.  I may stay local or I may travel, not sure but, I just know that I want to be ready either way....because this dress I have waiting to be worn is beyond your normal "freakum" dress and I'm taking prisoners!


Cory Ford said…
I know you will complete your goal! Just don't hurt them to bad when you get into that dress! But I believe you will complete your goal and more l. If you need encouragement anytime just let me know.
Raya L. said…
Thank you! I'm going to do my damnest to make it happen!

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