Effortless + Men Just Don't Listen

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Men Just Don't Listen

I should not have to go into detail about what I do not want ESPECIALLY if I already gave a man my disclaimer....

DISCLAIMER: Where my life is right now, I am not interested in anything serious.  I am open to making new connections and friendships but, my schedule and my mindset does not allow much room for a romance. You can either accept my friendship or nothing at all, either way, I will not be hindered.

I let everyone know this in so many words and I have mentioned my disclaimer before in a least two other posts, so how hard is this to understand?  Do not misinterpret what I say or how I behave with an interest for something serious.  I am personable and friendly with just about everyone, so do not expect anything special from me UNLESS I TELL YOU something different.  Do not assume that my past has anything to do with you...My past has no connection to my disinterest in you...Do not assume that I am playing hard to get...if I want you, you will not have a hard time getting me.

You can tell me over and over how much you like me, how much you want to get to know me, how honest you are, how much of a great man you are, and how you do not chase women...Great! You should like me, I'm awesome. You should want to get to know me, I am a good person to know. You should be honest, it's the best policy. You should be a great man, it's something to be proud of. You shouldn't have to chase a woman just like I will not chase a man.  So do you want a cookie for telling me all this?

*I can become very facetious and heartless when I feel like I am not being heard and understood.*

I will not coddle your bruised feelings because you think I should be head over heels about you since other women are...then take your ass to those who want you.

Here is how you can lose any possible interest from me and drop from friend to acquainted or worse, "just a random guy I know".....Be persistent in a way that forces me to look at you in a different light or in a way that goes against what you are saying to me.  It's good to go for what you want but, be sure that what you want also wants you back.  If you tell me you are fine with getting to know me then in the same breath, say that you don't want to be just friends...Dude! Why are you not listening?!  If you tell me you are patient but, then continue to say you want to be serious with me sooner than later...really, so you're just going to ignore my thoughts completely huh?  And do not make the foolish comment "One day you will wake up and realized what you missed."...Don't be so sure of yourself homie...

In the last 3/4 years, I have learned that some men may say or think he is being respectful, patient, and honest, but his mannerisms are very unbecoming and questionable to the type of man he "thinks" he is.  The unwelcome persistence is going to push me towards someone who really is patient and accepts my friendship for what I am willing to offer without too many expectations...I swear some of you men are going to make me run into the arms of ------- and make me fall in love with him! And when you see me perfectly happy and all smile next to my new husband, all of you will wonder wtf you did wrong...EVERYTHING! 

If I say I am not interested...I AM NOT INTERESTED...This is not code for you to try harder.  I do not know what type of women some of you men dealt with but, I will tell you if I like you in a romantic sense.  And if you feel I am shutting you out then it is probably because I am.  Yes, my ex has made it harder for men who want me. No, he is not the reason why you cannot have me right now.  I have goals I want to achieve and financial levels I want to be at...don't take my wants and turn them into my defenses towards you because it makes sense to YOU as to why I am not interested...I become more defensive when men do not listen.


Cory Ford said…
WOW lol!!!! Some men listen and some men don't, Some men listen to well and end up like the other guy lol. Much respect for you Raya you know exactly what you want and need in your life. The man you let into your heart I tip my hat to him in much respect because he will have a true Woman at his side!!!
Raya L. said…
Lol. For the most part when I give my disclaimer, many of the men understand and give me my space. It's the other ones that make me question their psyches. ;)

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