Fresh Linen + Black Beauty + Wonderland

(Picture is circa 2014)
Convert your tube dress into a skirt. Yup, that's right, this white linen skirt is actually a tube dress!  I just folded the top down and make it look like a scrunched high waited skirt. 

Dress: Upscsale Boutique
Shirt: H&M
Bag: The Styled Shop (Sold Out)
Sunglasses: Kohl's 
Jewelry: Sam Moon

FLASHBACK 06/20/2014:  
Last week I purchased a new car! I was deciding between the Mercedes C300, BMW X5, Infiniti QX80, Honda Pilot, and GMC Terrain.  As you can see I chose the GMC.  I decided that where I am in my life, I really do not need a luxury vehicle and the upkeep on luxury vehicles is not something I want to throw my money into right now, especially since I've started investing my finances into entities which will produce more stability for my home.  I decided against the Pilot because I was coming out of a Pilot and really did not use the large space that size SUV offered. The Terrain was perfect, not a car, and not an oversize SUV.  It drives like a car so the speed pick up is much faster and it has just plenty of room for the kids.
I named her "Black Beauty" or "BB" for short.


So you know by now, I like to read, those who are new here...Hello, I'm Raya, I like to read...One of my all time favorite stories is Alice in Wonderland, not because of the theory that the author was drug induced when he wrote this story, even though that would explain a lot.  No, the author Charles Dodgson (pen name, Lewis Carroll) actually was a Deacon and an Oxford man who loved to write.  He became close to a family with children, one of them a young girl whom inspired the famous "Alice".  So really, he just wrote a story about a girl who explored the wonders of her imagination.

**Some colleges actually examine this story and have the students write their own dissertations on their translation of the book...I wish I had this class!

Why I like this story...well, it is just fascinating how Carroll created this whole world of nonsense and confusion with such colorful characters who led a little girl to excitement.  If I were Alice, I would sit on the beach all day with the Tweedles, the White Hare sitting next to me fiddling with his pocket watch, the Mad Hatter will be preparing our picnic tea party, while the Caterpillar is passing me the hookah stick.  The Red Queen will be off somewhere in the background in a pile of roses and we will all just sit on the sand watching the sun drown.

I did not get to do this for my 30th birthday BUT, for my 35th.....I am doing an Alice in Wonderland themed party!  And my lover (whoever that may be) will be my Mad Hatter....shhhhh, just let it happen dude.

My 40th will be a toss up between Gatsby and Greek Gods themes...yes, I am also intrigued by the Ancient Deities...Oh course I would be Hera, wife of Zeus, although I could be Nxy who was Chaos' wife; in Greek mythology, these two are the creators of the world, not Zeus and Hera.  But if all else fails and I do not have a counter body to be my matching partner then I can just portray Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty...but, I've got 10 years to plan this, so I am sure I can have it figured out by then.

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Luke said…
Ms. Raya, you are very striking, both visually and mentally. I enjoyed reading through some of your posts and I must say, you are a young woman of many dimensions. I applaud you for your experiences and spirit of freedom. And you have a great sense of humor.

I noticed, you seem to have someone in your life to whom you romantically admire and yet, you seem to not fully be open to him. Of course, none of this is my business but, should you not take the risk of happiness? Otherwise, you may be wasting your thoughts on someone who is subconsciously keeping you from your true future.

Even though you claim to not be completely organized, you seem to have yourself figured out. Maybe this young man you mention has not fully figured you out or has a hesitation of seriousness. Again, this is none of my business and the two of you may have something the rest of us will never know or understand but, I saw this, please don't let him burn out your light.

You are a rarity in today's world.

Raya L. said…

Thank you for taking interest in my blog, I greatly appreciate it. And thank you for your generous words.

My dear friend and I are very understanding of one another and accept each other as we are and how we communicate with one another. We have a growing friendship if nothing else. I believe he is a good person overall and if any conflicts arise between us, I have faith we will be able to restore peace between one another.

Many people may not understand simply because I will not divulge our personal details. I like to remain private with certain parts of my life because some matters are sensitive in a sense that only I need to experience things with my own thoughts. Plus, I respect others and their privacy.

My friend and I are both busy and yes he frequents my thoughts but, we both keep an open mind to one another and keep our expectations realistic.

Enjoy your day.

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