More Low Key Pimpin' + Unplanned Saturday

Okay, okay, so these are not recent photos but, it just shows I can dress down.
Let me go search for the ones of me wearing some sneakers...

P.S. I love the old school graphic tees at Target! 
I always head over to the men's section and grab a few smalls for my closet. 


Unplanned Saturday

My friend's beau, started a new venture in alcohol promotions and they planned a private "How to drink wine" event.  I learned the 5 S's, the legs of a wine, the body of a wine, what to eat with certain wines, and how to hold a wine class.

So what was supposed to a meeting between myself and the other organizers of our women's social group, turned into a great tipsy dinner at Brio.  After the wine event, my friends and I needed some food and headed over to CityCentre to get some more drinks and a good meal.  As we arrived at Brio, we were placed on a wait list...apparently it was homecoming for all the local high schools since we notice almost all of the "teenies" dressed in tuxedos and party the way, who the hell is going shopping with these young girls when they are picking out some of these dresses???  Many of them wore highly inappropriate outfits!  Any way, it took at while for us to be seated and when we finally sat, it took more time for a server to get to our table, one came eventually (a cutie at that and lucky him for getting a table full of fun loving women who flirted with him the entire time), the manager came shortly after him to ask us how we were doing.  I was on the phone during his table visit so I did not place my opinion and one of my friends was passed drunk that anything coming out of her mouth was hilariously useless to the cause.  So when the manager came back around, I mentioned that we should receive a complimentary bottle for our "pain & suffering"...of course if was being silly and playful, but I was damn serious about my request...The manager came through with a champagne bottle and we ended up having a nice little chat with the him about how he met his wife.  The ladies were discussing the woes of men and dating them, so I thought to ask the manager about his love life...yup, because I'm nosy like that and because I want compare notes on how I may have already met my future husband...He entertained us and was very personable.

And what was supposed to be my friend's "take myself on a movie date" turned in to a girls night out because 4 of her friends wanted to join her single date.  We went to see The Intern, which is a really cute movie. I love the story line of a woman starting a business from the ground up and facing struggles in her home life because she is so determined to succeed and provide the best for those around her but, with the help of her "Intern", she figures it out and allows her world to be as it should.

Moving On...

Well, can't find the sneaker pics but, instead I came across baby pictures of my babies!
Vanessa, then Gabriel. So cute at that age, both about 6-8 months old.
Now they are always in my face and asking for things!

I recently found out that Vanessa told her paternal granddad that she wants a little sister...
Well, she ain't getting one from me! That's for sure! She better see about her Daddy!
I need for these 2 to grow up so we can travel more...although, MY father takes them on at least two fancy vacations each year...smh...Pop-Pop can, Mommy is still working on it.


Anonymous said…
I love your smile.
Anonymous said…
You also have amazing legs!
Rachel said…
Those babies are too cute! That's a great age. I remember when mine wear that little. Tears.

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