Target Style + Please Stop

I love that Target brings in designers for some of their featured items.  Right now, Adam Lippes is doing his special line.  His signature pattern is plaid and I love it! It's simple and classic.

Dress: Target
Shoes: Nine West
I finally got the chance to catch up with this food truck that I've been Instagram stalking for months called All Seasonz Grille.  I kept seeing the food pictures and the comments all are good saying that the food is amazing and very flavorful.  Of course I had to track this truck down!
  LOVED THE CATFISH! I was eating my food as I was driving back to the, please drive safely, Ms. Raya knows not what she does at times...My friend who was riding with me said I was growling as I was eating!!! I didn't even realize I was doing it!!!

Shrimp & Catfish Platter


Please Stop

Okay, I am going to need for people to stop getting engaged and married around me...I am all for loved and the sanctity of it but, damn, cut me a break.  I am just now starting to be 'okay' with the idea of love again, accepting it and giving it, I do not need to be bombarded with all these announcements! But, I do like a reason to go to Z Gallerie to shop for your gifts!

This also has me wondering to myself about my possible future marriage.  I know more of what I want now.  I want a husband who is also my best friend. Talk trash and be playful to each other but, still support one another through all our experiences together.

I keep joking to my friends that I may disappear for a month and come back married!  And my meaning behind this is, I am NOT dating for the sole purpose of wanting to make meaningful connections with people.  I want a solid friendship with a man who could be my husband.  If my friendship with someone reaches a point where we are both comfortable with one another, we have a full understanding of what we want and what our focus is, we truly love one another, there is no question of our faith for each other, etc., then yes, I may just end up engaged or married at any given point and YES, people will be surprised because I do not give everyone details of my personal/love life.  And everyone 'expects' two people to be dating before getting engaged, well, that is not how it is with me...I'm too old for a "boyfriend"...We are either friends or we are getting married, the in between is just messy and confusing and some people draw it out too long...Let's just build our friendship and decide somewhere down the line if marriage is for us...

  I don't even want an extravagant proposal and it doesn't have to be in front of a crowd of Daddy doesn't need to be just needs to be sweet and heartfelt.  But if he wants to make it a big gesture, then I am not going to refute it.  I will support my husband to be however he wants to propose to me...just don't let it be in a back alley in the slums of the city. Keep it classy, okay?


99Nupe said…
Well Ms. Raya, I will say this...if your Kappa friend has not wised up to propose to you by the new year, I suggest making a new friend with me. No disrespect to him but us men always talk about having a beautiful, we'll rounded, and intelligent woman to come home to but always look passed the one right in front of us because she's not famous or some type of reality star which all of them are tainted women anyway. You should be married soon but I'll keep checking. Lol.
Rachel said…
I love that dress! I ended up getting the pumps.
Raya L. said…
Well, this was an awkward and sweet comment. As friendly as I can be, I'm not sure I can fabricate a friendship with someone in this manner.

As I mentioned before, my friend and I are comfortable with where we are. If it is God's will to lead us in that direction then so be it. We will not force anything.

I thank you for your consideration.
Raya L. said…
Yes, I did see the shoes. They were a little bit uncomfortable for me so I passed on them but, they were extremely fabulous!

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