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I am a very unorthodox parent.  Sometimes I speak to my children like they are adults in the sense that I use words and terms that most people would not use with small children because they feel the children will not understand but, one should never underestimate the intelligence of a else is a child supposed to learn? Their teachers are not only limited to school facilities...If you teach them now, their learning faculties with have better knowledge and abilities to understanding this misguided world we live in.  Many times the kids and I have our serious discussions over brunch.

My daughter, 10, wants to work in Media,,,websites, YouTube, blogging, ecommerce, etc...."Ness, you will need to work on speaking clearing, enunciating your words and have your thoughts in order before you speak.  No one will pay attention if you are not precise about your topic." 

My son is 4 years old and sometimes I tell him that if he does not clean up his toys he will not be disciplined enough to work for himself..."Gabriel, I am not going to waste my money on Harvard if your just going to let your room look like a typhoon hit it."

And after our family meeting, Mommy gets to buy some new shoes.
P.S. - I have not bought Coach anything since freshman year of high school, I know it is still a popular brand, I just forget about it because of all these other brands popping up and being accessible to the masses...ehem...Michael Kors.  Me, I am still very much a Dooney & Burke girl. 

I remember, I bought my first Dooney in high school, senior year...I still have it by the way...I made a deal with my Father that if he lends me the money, I will do extra house work for a month!  So for four weeks, I mowed the lawn, pulled up weeds, mopped the kitchen floor, vacuumed, dusted, and did the dished more than I usually would.

Wait a minute,
now that I think about it, my Father may have been grooming me to be a wife...
keep the house cleaned; get gifts. (-__-) 
Touche Daddy.

Silly Boys

I am an '85 baby, so my generation is not particularly keen on dressing the "part" although, I notice a few here and there that have gotten the memo....Men! I need some of you to get it together!

I am very particular about how men present themselves and I am so disgusted with the pants clinging to dear life off your ass, and yet, you have a belt on...THIS IS NOT A FASHION STATEMENT!  It just looks messy and careless.  And what the hell is this red shirt all about?! I keep seeing men in these style shirts in many different colors.

 This looks like a women's dress! Why the zipper? Do your thighs need air?

If your shirt is more blinged out or more fancy than mine, then you are not my're my girlfriend...A plain shirt and jeans or slacks is just fine.  Don't over do it.  Dress like a man, not a child. 

You don't need to be dressed like you are going to a business meeting, just dress with some damn sense. You don't need fancy styles or opulent colors, YOU ARE A MAN NOT A WOMAN.  Who are you showing off for?  Us females?  Here's a newsflash...WOMEN ALREADY THINK YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE!

Here, let me help you out with a few examples:

See, basic. It's not that hard. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be?
But if you want to be fancy, take this route:

You're welcome.


....,but, my son can't cook yet. (-____-)


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