Enjoying The World + Lovely Proposals

"Humanity takes itself too seriously.  It is  the world's original sin.   
If the caveman had known how to laugh, history would have been different."
- Oscar Wilde (Lord Henry)

Why must we make life so difficult?  You want to know how I know that everything will be just fine?

The Goonies and TLC.

Let me break it down.  These two things I mentioned are generational trademarks and there are plenty more I could have named.  I cannot speak for all of you but, when I think or reminisce of these things, I remember nothing but times when I was having fun, being happy, and enjoying life (aside for the tragedy of Left Eye.)  The worries of the world did not matter.  Even now that I am "adulting", I know cannot solve everyone's problems or expect everyone to think the way I do.  What I can do is accept the cards which were dealt to me either by divine intervention or as a result of my own decisions and actions and go forth using the knowledge I have obtained and utilizing the resources available to me.  So, as long as I remain positive on any outlook, there is no reason for me not to obtain what I want...what WE want.

It is going on 4 years since I left my toxic relationship and it has been THE BEST 4 YEARS EVER!  Granted, the first year I went through the "what the hell do I do now" phase but, as I started to get comfortable with my new life, making new friends and connections, I started to enjoy...everything.  I learned how "limited" I was before and how so much of me is capable of being AMAZING!

And as many of you know, I am taking my sweet time with finding the "lucky man" because I want to not only be sure of him but, of myself too.  I do not want to relationship hop or go back and forth with the same person.  Why do that?  Why waste the thought of being with someone else if you cannot let go of the one you keep reconnecting with?  Or why keep getting into relationships just to be in a new one months later?  Figure out what you want and stick to it.  Besides, it is much easier to explain 1 lover over a long period of time than several lovers over a short period of time to my future husband.

Lovely Proposals

Sigh....yet again, another friend has been proposed to.  Her beau took her on a trip to Hawaii for her birthday and popped the question while dining beach side...que in the sappy love songs...I am so happy for her, she is such a sweetheart and deserves to be loved like how her now fiance loves her...guess I'll be making a trip to Z Gallerie.

At work, some of my employees ask me "So when are you getting married?" I always laugh it off and say I have not found anyone that is crazy enough to love me yet...my employees have no idea how much of a mess I am! One day, I'll get there.  I think I want David Tutera to be my wedding planner...and Jesse Powell to sing my wedding song...or Lionel Richie if he's available.

This is how I am supposed to be thinking.
This is how I am REALLY thinking.

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