Happiness in a Box + Teen Money Banking

It is that time of year again to get a new fresh pair of boots.  Look, you can take me out of the east coast but, you can't take the east coast out of me!  I'll show you how to do this Son!

Timberland X Dopeness

And of course, I am still studying investments....and detoxing...

Water / ACV / Cheyenne Pepper / Cinnamon / Honey / Lemon Juice

Some of the ingredients are optional but, definitely get your shot of ACV!
*I borrowed my Daddy's mug that he had engraved in Europe. Thanks Dad!

Teen Money Banking 

Can you take a wild guess what my kids will be receiving as one of their Christmas gifts?
I think this is an AWESOME idea!  There is nothing wrong with teaching your kids the fundamentals of saving and smart spending.  My daughter can check her account and as she gets older and better with money management, if she is out with her friends and needs a little extra cash, I can just log into the CapitalOne app and transfer money to her instantly!

P.S. - I used to have ING Direct which was a solely online banking option in America (the bank started in The Netherlands.)  Their US Corporate headquarters were based in Wilmington, DE.  I loved them, they had the best interest rates and the customer service was amazing....in 2011, Capital One bought them out and ING became 360.  Although, I was not happy with this acquisition, I was pleased to learn that all my rates and benefits were grandfathered and there is a special customer service department for the old ING Direct holders. Yay!

OMG. I saw this, I had to share it!
Did someone say bacon?!

Also, have you notice the new "RECIPE" tab?  I decided share a few of my favorite recipes.  Try them out and email me with your thoughts and pictures!


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