I Am Woman + Does Society Still Think This Way?

I immediately laughed when the man said, "Where is your husband?"
Because it was funny and because of the message or meaning behind it....

Yes, the husband is the provider of the home BUT, this does not mean a woman cannot provide as well.  I firmly believe that a wife should stand by her husband and support him...as long as his choices do not hinder or destroy the family...and I still believe in some traditions in a marriage, a husband is to lead the wife and introduce her to the world as such BUT, a marriage is not one sided.  A wife is to also protect and support her husband and introduce him to the world as the man in her life who she looks to for love and companionship. 

Yet, in the essence of marriage, a wife should not lose herself.  There are parts of her life before the husband that she can still hold on to such as, work and friends.  Although, I am very busy with work, I do make time to catch up with my friends but, when I am married, I will not completely bid adieu to these parts of my life, I will just simply have to reorganize my time and not intentionally do anything that would hurt my marriage or have my husband think wayward of me.

Women wear pants too.

I do believe that in certain senses society still encourages women to acclimate to traditional 'house-wife' roles....cleaning, cooking, raising children, serving the husband, being classy, being accommodating to guests, etc.....I agree with ALL of these things.....but in complementary context.  There are two people in a marriage.  As much as I am expected do, I expect the same from my husband.  We are partners, if I am giving my all, he will need to as well.  If he gives me 50, that is only half of him, I want all of him.


YoKappaYo said…
You are some kinda woman! So is the Bamma Nupe the same one you refer to in your posts? That Nupe is a lucky man! So why do you still say you're single?
Raya L. said…
Thank you.

I say that I am single because I am. Unless there is a ring or a marriage certificate, we are all single people.

I do not relationship hop or go back and forth with the promise of a relationship. The only way I will agree to something more substantial is if we are both proactively making efforts for us to be long term and solidified. If it is legit then certain things will occur, until then, I date myself.

I will marry someone who I consider a true friend.

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