Morticia + Low Maintenance


Top: N.Y.C
Shoes: Anne Michelle

Have you heard?  Black is the new black.
Never stray from wearing all black.  
It is actually a very attractive and seductive color if you wear it right.
Just ask Morticia Adams.

I went to a networking event at The Marque in CityCentre.  I made a few new connections, exchanged business cards and took some pictures.  Unfortunately, I could not stay long since I had another engagement to get to Downtown (which I missed due to traffic, a fashion show I was looking forward to for almost 2 months!  Damn Houston highways!)

Low Maintenance

So many men presume that if a woman carries herself a certain way, she must be high maintenance and requires a lot from her spouse.  Not least not in my case.  I only require as much from him as I require from myself.  If I support your decisions, support mine.  If I do nice things for you just because, do nice things for me.  If I surprise you with a weekend getaway, surprise me too.  If I call you just to tell you I love you, when are you planning to call?  If I make attempts to take you out of your rut, make attempts for me...BUT, I do require him to be very patient with me...for good reason.  I know at times I can be very stubborn.  I know at times I can be very callous and petty and childish and un-affectionate...well damn, maybe I don't deserved a husband...just bare with me and love me through all this.  I can assure you that I will not give you a valid reason not to have me. 

*P.S. - If I give you my attention and show you I am intrigued by you but, you still sense that I am keeping my guard up or trying to water down my feelings towards you, just remain patient and stick with me and definitely, DEFINITELY read between the lines.  Sometimes it can be very tricky to figure out if I really like you or if I just want you as a friend and only that.  Also, (and I may not mention it to you until you ask) if I notice something about you that I do not like or know I cannot live with, then I begin to slowly digress.  Text messages go unanswered, phone calls go unreturned, communication is very generic, etc.  I am very personable and I like to enjoy my time with people but, some men take my friendliness and my behavior towards them the wrong way and it becomes sweetheart, you can't have my heart...see message below...

Just For Laughs: 
Who had one of these? 

That flash in your eyes was not joke huh?!

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