Not Versace + The Man Who Loves Her

This dress was a bargain find a Ross! 
Looks like something in the Versace line huh? 
Nope, it is straight from the dress wrack at the store less than 10 miles from home!
Cheers to that!

Ladies, we must understand that looking our best does not mean costing the most.  Being money conscious is a lot more attractive than being....well....the woman who says "I'm not sure how I'm going to pay my rent because of those shoes I bought last week for the party I went to last night because I knew he was going to be there." ain't that serious. There are plenty ways to style and restyle what you already have in your closet.

The Man Who Loves Her

Women will always be...difficult...but what really has me captured is the men who fall for us...Why?...And I am not only asking why about the women who seem almost impossible to be around...we know a few of those and I still cannot wrap my mind in how they find someone. Hey everyone needs to be loved right?...No, I am also asking why? for those eccentric women, the lively, can't sit still, fun loving, attention grabbing, business seeking, powerful women.  Would a man grow tired of her dominant character and how 'popular' she is with the masses?  A woman like this usually does not step aside or down for anyone if it does not benefit her future.  It truly takes a strong man to fully love a strong woman.

Iris Apfel - A fashion icon and business woman; the way her husband looked at her and spoke about her, he was so patient and loving to her strong personality, he accepted her for her and loved every bit of it. He passed in August 2015.  He was 100 years old.

Diane Von Furstenberg - Fashion designer; her husband is so smitten with her.  They met in the 70's and had a courtship for over 20 years before getting married in 2001.  She told a magazine that he waited 26 years for her to agree to marry him...while some men I know cannot even wait a few days before looking elsewhere.

Michelle Obama - First wife; we have seen many pictures and clips of how her husband adorns her with his affections.  They conspicuously compliment one another with modest tones.

Jada Pinkett-Smith - Actress, singer-songwriter, and business woman; her husband is always, always, speaking highly of her, showing PDA, and looking at her like he is seeing an angel for the first time.

Angelina Jolie - Actress and producer; let's not focus on how she met her husband over the fact that how her husband is forever by her side supporting her.

Victoria Beckham - Business woman; being no stranger to good looks himself, the husband of this woman is tight-lipped about their love but, he is never too far from her reach.

Just For Laughs:
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