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I attend a blogger brunch this week at Piada Italian Street Food.  The food was amazing!  I ordered the lobster bisque and the Italian Trio.  The ingredients were fresh and well prepared.  The whole idea of seeing your food being made in front of you is not a new concept but, it seems to be becoming very popular these days.  Hey, I have no complaints as long as the food is good, you won't hear a peep out of me!  You may see a little happy dance or some humming as I eat but, that's about it.  

I was dressed for work and nothing else...no excitement here, reading glasses and all...but, I did meet some wonderful ladies who have great thoughts and ideas which they express on their own blogs:

Stocks and Investing

I wish I would have started doing this in my 20's but hey, at least I am taking interest now and I am still young enough to make a decent amount from the stock market if I do the research.  So as I understand it, there is no simple formula to the stock market, it is a emotional as a women on her...never mind...you get the drift...what I need to focus on is companies with a product or idea that could possible revolutionize our way of life...or at least make it more enjoyable.  I wish I had part of the original Google and eBay stocks!...baby steps.  I am also re-configuring my monthly expenses..how I spend so much in one month is beyond me!

Here are some notes I took: 
These seem very simple and obvious but, you would be surprised how many people do not think to do this...

1. Make a spread sheet of your monthly expenses - House, Car, Insurance, Childcare, Credit Cards etc., anything that is a definite

2. Calculate your take home amount (after taxes) and place it against your monthly expenses

3. Eliminate any memberships - the only thing memberships do is lock you in a payment contract with the 'benefit' of discount services.  With all the coupons, LivingSocial, and Groupon deals, you can always get a good price for whatever you are needing.

4. Keep at least 2 credit cards - having revolving accounts can help your credit score

5. Keep your credit card balances UNDER half of your credit limit - high balances take a major hit to your credit score

6. Always know how much is in your bank - track what is coming in and what is going out.  I look at all of my accounts at least once a day.

7. DO NOT impulse shop - I am guilty of this. There is no need to have another pair of pumps in a different color or a new dress that will only sit in your closet for the next 6 months.  If you are not going to use it right away, there is no need to go into your pockets.

*By the way: Barnes & Noble is my sanctuary.


So I recently found out that I have been nominated by Houston Fashion Bloggers as having one of the best lifestyle blogs!  How amazing is that!  Houston has an array of talented bloggers, I am so humbled to be nominated among them!

If you have some time, click on the VOTE HERE tab to select your favorites.  The last day to vote is November 30th.  Don't worry, no one but HFB Founders see your choices.


Anonymous said…
That's great information! I began investing in my late 30s and did well. You will be just fine young lady.

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